Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blog hiatus in 2011

Once again, Thanks to any very patient soul who has been good enought to come back (and back) to an old post that stares him/her in the face.
I think that you are not numerous and I can really understand.

I will be honest with you all; I have not done a bit of genealogy in this past year. Not that I didn't want to, but life didn't want me to. My life is so filled with non-Genealogy things to do since 2010. Ever since my hubby & I lost his Dad, and we have to take care of a home and his old dog. Its not Genealogy at all but it is family.

I had more than one moment wondering where this little blog would go. It is a shame to close for good, as it has brought many encounters and sharings. I will just leave the door open in the hopes that I may be able to share more later when my life is calmer and more settled. You can in the meanwhile, browse anything that is already archived here, including a slew of family pictures.

Hear ye, hear ye!!:
For anyone searching for a Carroll, please know that I cannot do the research for you.
I can tell you about my ancestors or compare with yours to see if we may be related(by what info that I already have) or give even you a suggestion or two.
But, that is about all.
I have had many people looking for "so and so Carroll" and I have not always been able to produce a result.I am always glad to be of help, but I am limited in what I can do.

Bye for now to all the cousins,genealogists and otherwise curious people who made their way here!
Wishing you all the best in 2011!


Kris Carroll said...

I am a Carroll and know very little of my relatives.

Barbara said...

Hi Kris,

You can get back to me with the e mail address on the sidebar.

Tell me more in your e mail.

Anonymous said...

My family has long named their children Carroll and Avery, and there is a connection with the Avery family (my branch of Avery's dating back to 1638 in Mass.) that shows up in 1700's in New England. Does anyone share this ancestry or know anything more? P. Carroll

heaven19652000 said...

I have been posting to every website that has anything to do with the Carroll Family. My Carroll Family Started in Millstreet, Co. Cork Ireland. My grandfather (Timothy Patrick Carroll b. 1892-d. 1947) came to the US in May 1910 He married Vivian Irene Lytle abt. 1924. He lived in NY & PA when he first came to the US. I'm not sure but I think he was married before he married Vivian Lytle, but not sure. Could this be part of your family?

Vivian said...

My Carroll family came to the US in 1910. I have traced my family back as far as 1830 in Millstreet, Co. Cork Ireland.

Barbara said...

Hi Vivian,

Thank you for your comments.
My Carroll ancestor came from Kilkenny, Co Kilkenny Ireland in the 1850s, to settle in Pennsylvania.

I have never seen a Timothy in our family. But, I cannot be sure about lines concerning my ancestor's brothers, nephews, etc.

So, no link with your ancestor so far. But, never say never for the long run.

Good luck,