Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Making a list and checking it twice

Hi everyone,
While I continue with my ongoing projects at home(clearing out my late FIL's home),I also have been keeping an eye on the internet.
I don't know where I found this, but I found a link to Our Carroll family genealogy on a website called LINKPENDIUM. It calls itself the "Definitive Directory",with huge ammounts of Genealogy links of all kinds.Iam not sure how unique this is, but it is the first time that I have seen my blog's link on a Genealogy list. 
I have been only on a few other Genealogy blog's blogrolls.My tentative to list this blog on a very famous Genealogy list( C's List; most of you Genealogists know that biggie),after I opened this blog. That lsiting,never panned out for whatever reason.

Anyway, it is a pleasant surprise to both find a CARROLL Family link page and my blog's link there. My blog is under the PA links,due to my Schuylkill County origins.

If you might have picked up your link here in exchange,Linkpendium,Thank you.

Take a browse through the Carroll page for the fun of it. And why not try a search on Linkpendium for other surnames??

I remember when I first started adding Carroll links to put on this blog. I told myself that it would be impossible to find all Carroll links by combing Mr Googly and other engines. But,I did find a few.

Here, someone did the work for me and came up with many more Carroll websites than I initially found.
Though the very sensible part of me still thinks that many,many other Carroll genealogies are still out there,in chart form or on family history websites with private pages for their members.

I will put this new link on the sidebar so that everyone can easily access it(myself included) anytime.

Happy summer holidays to all!

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