Tuesday, July 13, 2010

America's Genealogy series

Thanks again to anyone who has had the patience to keep checking back here.Bless you ;)

I have been a busy lady at home,clearing out the family home following my FIL's passing away in April. This (still) leaves little time for Genealogy or travel to do Genealogy. But, two recent video findings are giving me some comfort.

This is likely to be old news for some, but NBC has a genealogy series called "Who do you think you are?". Season one is already past and can be viewed online at the nbc website. The idea is to feature a celebrity, such as Spike Lee or Lisa Kudrow,and to present the star's family History.
Here's the show's video webpage:  http://www.nbc.com/who-do-you-think-you-are/video/

But... I had problems viewing the videos( I was only able to view one preview)I was SO frustrated by the quality of it!I don't know if its my overseas IP address or perhaps our computer is not up to date. But you try your luck. Season two begins 13 August if you are so inclined to watch on TV. I wish that I could have shared my impressions about this series. Darn it!!

I did what most people do at one point or another-I "youtubed it" and I found "who do you think you are?" By the BBC, which I just may browse soon. But no US version!

Then, I heard about another Genealogy series from a friend's link on facebook. This show is called  "Faces of America" and is produced by PBS.This really excited me, as PBS used to be my favorite channel when I was still living in the US.
Lo and behold,once on the program page,and the video selected,I was able to enjoy the whole video.

Website's video page:  http://www.pbs.org/wnet/facesofamerica/category/video/

In the first episode,highlights of the family histories of celebrities such as actress Eva Longoria,Olympic gold medalist Kristy Yamguchi or chef Mario Batali,recounted their memories and also gained precious new knowledge from Henry Louis Gates Jr.

These episodes remind us that each family history is unique, but combine together to form the American "patchwork". All immigrants desired the same advantages of prosperity,peace and a better tomorrow for their descendants.

I like the tone and presence of Mr Gates. As he presents the book of each celebrity's genealogy and momentos,he is calm,reassuring and wise. Such knowledge is powerful and can be very unsettling to bring up the misery and hardships of a family. And he handles it all with brio.

This first episode made me think again about my family. I have a photo frame with the portraits of my great-great grandparents and their son ( my great-grandfather). After the show,I went over to the frame and "talked to them" out loud, thanking them for their sacrifice, that their children and all those down to me,may be born in peace,and live a good life. I had the need to say "Thank you" and tell them that I loved them.

Thats the effect that "Faces of America" had on me. Watch it online and get an idea for yourself.

Happy summer to all!

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