Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Saint Patrick's Day and... oh happy day - we are going to Ireland !

Wishing everyone an awesome Saint Patrick's Day !!
There will be a big Saint Pat's day concert this Saturday at Paris to get me into the mood...

In the mood for what ???
For Eire and people and things from the Emerald Isle.

I had previously announced in this blog that my husband & I are going to Ireland. And all our travel plans are solidly booked. We will be in Dublin from 19-24 April .
Our first trip ever to Ireland ( even living near Paris, which is 2 flying hours of Dublin,might have already seen me there).
But that's life, It would have been all tourism if I had gone back then, because I had only know about our Carroll ancestor's birthplace since 2006.

Thanks to the efforts of 2 elder cousins named John and Edward Carroll ( both now in heaven) and my cousin, Gerry, I have learned all that I have.
I will tell you this story before I leave for Dublin ...

But, that still leaves me excited !

There will be loads of things to share.
Starting with Genealogy, my hubby and I will try to research in the National Archives. I'am quickly researching over there. My goal is to find the baptismal notice for my great-great grandfather, Andrew Carroll. Since the family has both a date+ the place of birth.
There will be much to share and show about research in Ireland. It will be rather educational to myself, and for you all that will be reading the post afterwards.

Then, not forgetting tourism, we will be touring Dublin, going shopping,and pub hopping to listen to traditional Irish music ! We will also take a day trip over to Kilkenny city ( Andrew Carroll's birthplace).
Many things to share for family,friends and genealogy colleagues.
Happy celebrations to all and may the luck of the Irish bless you in your research.