Monday, February 15, 2010

Catching up + a cool website

Hi everyone,

Where did she go ? Sorry it's been so quiet on this blog.

Once again, I've been busy elsewhere, including since January, a part-time job (translating texts in French and English). So, my Genealogy has often been on hold. I'm in the hobby Genealogist category, so the time to research can be limited by family and now my new job.

But, along comes someone dynamic, who is searching actively. I'm thinking of you, cousin Ted in Southern New Jersey (well, he's actually my cousin's cousin).
He came up with a link for me that I went to look at, and I just had to share with the whole world.

Please go check out :

The idea was to have a video channel all about Genealogy! With a wide variety of topics viewable for free or for a few special ones, on a "pay per view" basis. Check out the pink box on the right to see the topics. Some important ones to not miss are:

New & Featured videos
Genealogy How to videos
Roots style and travel

And for Irish-Americans like myself, I'm watching what will be on the Irish Family History & Genealogy topics.

And keep in mind that you cannot only view videos, but you can make your own family videos and submit them. I don't so far have this type of know how, but think for the video smart people out there, you can do plenty. Like telling an ancestor's story, filming a family reunion or even showing the town of origin of a migrant ancestor. Very exciting possibilities there, both for viewing and to creation :)

And it's very easy to stay abreast of new videos:

- Subscribe to the newsletter ( Click under their logo)
- Join on Facebook :
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- Follow their blog :

There's no excuse not to follow!

Thanks to cousin Ted for his links. He sometimes lets me know via email of one source or another that he learns of in his various genealogy classes. Way to go Ted!!

In the coming months, the emphasis will be on Irish Genealogy. As I learn how to research in Ireland, and how to use the archives there. And yes, with hands on experience please!

Happy searching to all!