Thursday, October 15, 2009

Comment moderation begins today

I'm sorry ; I'm had to put in comment moderation and now everyone who comments here has to copy the odd ball words before being published :)

I don't have a huge number of commenters at this blog. So, I had a surprise today when looking at thie dashboard. I found over 20 comments for a single post. Of course, you could already guess it- spam. Of the Asian type. I don't even have the slightest idea what was written .

It is getting harder not to have comment moderation. I also have switched on my personal blog to comment moderation for the same darn reasons.

Thank you for your understanding.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Irish in Quebec city, Canada

My research on my own Carroll lines being slow at this time, I prefer to share with everyone a Historical finding.During a vacation trip in September to Quebec city, my husband & I had an interesting find.

We had the "luck of the Irish" to stumble upon the former Irish quarter in Quebec city. The area happens to possess some fascinating historical signs that we photographed.Also, a church and other commemorative markers.

Lets take our time to discover this.

Do click on each photo ! You will be able to read the print and appreciate the detail better. :

1) Irish roots in Quebec :

This recounts briefly the beginnings of Irish immigration to Quebec, and also about Irish institutions. There is also an excellent map, with important sites marked so anyone can find them today.

2) The Irish settle and Flourish :

Short topics on the percentage of Quebec residents having Irish blood, The Shipfront jobs & Irish and prominent Canadians with Irish blood.

We found a beautiful Celtic cross...

It is a gift from James Callery and the National Famine Museum In Roscommon, Ireland.

Saint Patrick's church.

Plaque dedicated to the Irish ( French version)

Same plaque with Irish Gaelic ( left) and English translations.

Finding these wonderful lanmarks comforts me in the path that will lead me to go to Ireland next year. I'm getting closer each day to my goal.

Happy hunting
everyone !