Monday, December 7, 2009

Using an online Irish database

For those of you who may occasionally "pop" in here, know that whenever I find a online research tool or site, I share it with you all.

My thoughts continually turn towards Eire. Because, even if my airline tickets are not yet purchased ( we are right now fare hunting), my husband & I are earmarking a week in April 2010 for a trip to Ireland !

Now before I get all exicted, I have to do my homework online to the best of my ability.

Recently, as I was combing through a search engine, I typed in " Kilkenny genealogy database"( or something similar). I shall reveal this link in a moment...

I'm fortunate to have a starting point for an ancestral homeland.I'll tell you how :

Two of my elder Carroll cousins, whose names were John and Edward Carroll, had begun in the 1920's, to piece our family's history together. And I'm mighty grateful that they did, because today, a whole family, included an extended family all through the US, now knows about it's heritage.

In one of the documents that the brother's consulted. we have a date of birth and a place of birth in Ireland for our oldest known Carroll ancestor, Andrew Carroll.

Citing one's research sources is always a very serious matter. But for Andrew's birthdate,I'm not sure which document ( naturalization ?) listed his date of birth and birthplace as 31 May,1817, at Saint Canice's RC Catholic church, Kilkenny city, County Kilkenny, Ireland.

But as an old saying goes " never look a gift horse in the mouth". It's always a nice start to have both date + birthplace.
This is quite a different situation from 3 other Irish branches which I also have where I do not have a clue for place of origin.

Coming back to this Irish website, it is HERE. It is with the Rothe House in Ireland,with a very number of birth,marriage & death documents plus the Griffith's Evaluation ( a survey of Irish land occupants) indexed for Kilkenny county.

BUT... If you click the link marked MAP on the very right hand corner ( on the website link), you will have a map like this of Ireland :

This shows you the counties which have been indexed in data bases in the different county Genealogy centers ( in green) and which are not yet available ( in red).

You can make searches in the indexes, but first need to sign up for free.Once you have signed up, you can do all the searches in the indexes.

An example of the info you will have for free :

Church baptism- Carroll-Andrew - 1817- Co Kilkenny

There is for a fee, the possibility to view details of any act/s which may interest you, payable by a secured server.

I found an Andrew Carroll in 1817 and another in 1820. And I did pay a fee to view the information, as this could only help me before researching in Ireland.

On the 1817 birth I learned surprisingly that :

Andrew Carroll,date of baptism/birth 28 July,1817.
In the parish/district of Castlecomer ( to the North of Kilkenny city)

Father: Patrick Mother : Elizabeth SULLIVAN.
Sponsor 1 : William Carroll Sponsor 2 : Catherine Kennedy

The date that I already have for birth/baptism ( 31 May,1817) does not corroborate this one which is 28 July.

My Irish Genealoy reference book at home (Collin's Tracing your Irish Family History by Anthony Adolph), says about baptisms that sometimes,infants were not baptised right off after birth.Sometimes taking even months or years before the child was baptised.

That brings me a bit of hope. But..wasen't Andrew's baptismal place being listed as St Canice.
RC Church ? Or did the ancestor use the name of the principal RC parish for reference ??

I have no idea...

Now, once I will be in the Nat'l Library of Ireland, I will have to investigate both Saint Canice's regiter and the one in the Castlecomer district.

In the meanwhile, I will be combing the index for other clues ( though not paying for them all), including the marriage and death indexes.I should start a notebook and jot in this information to take with me and use it as I work through the microfilms in the Nat'l Library.

It's going to take work, and I urge my family members not to add the above family information YET; I have check my sources in Ireland.
Otherwise, other Andrew Carrolls from Co Kikenny were born in :



Bye for now, fellow Carrolls and genealogist friends ! And best of luck in your research.


andrew said...

hey i just found your site when i googled my name. i'm pretty sure i'm a relative. my parents were contacted regarding this a little while back. we received a whole family tree and information regarding it. just thought i would say hello.

Andrew P Carroll 23
Bensalem, PA

Barbara said...

Hi Andrew,

Very nice to hear from you !
I think that I know who you are, as I have on my private family tree ( Geni), a family from your city.

We would be cousins, and it's always nice to have kin pop up here.
My genealogy blog is not very active at this time. When I get information I do publish .

If I'm correct about your family connections, do stay in touch through Geni and whenever you want at this blog.

All the best to you and your family from a cousin !

Family Tree said...

This is great to find your site here. I am also working on genealogy research and i am creating my family tree as well. I keep on looking for the concept in details to improve my knowledge on the topic. Your blog is really helpful to learn more about genealogy.

Barbara said...

Hi Family tree,

It's good if I could provide some advice/tips. Even if I'm not always publishing information ( my Genealogy is not active at this time).

If I can do my little bit, then this blog will have served a purpose.

Happy researching !

Family Tree said...

Hi Barbara,

Thanks for your reply. This blog is actually helpful and i would love to follow your updates here. Keep blogging for us.

All the best.

Lauran Faes (mom is Cristine Carroll) said...

Hi there I think we may be related. I am in the process of tracking down my family history as well. My grandparents James Jospeh and Mary Ann Carroll (Solimeo/Salimeo{given after naturalization}) are about to have their 50th wedding anniversary and I am attempting to put together a family tree. My grandfather is James Joseph Carroll, his father is Patrick Joseph Carroll (b.phil,PA), his wife was Mary Rose Carroll (maiden name Sweeney-b. in Donegal Ireland kilkenny co.) Mary Rose Carroll's mother was Bridget Rose Sweeney (maiden name Kennedy) Its all disorganized post-it's right now but its a start!

Barbara said...

Hi Lauran,

It's always nice to meet fellow Carrolls and Carroll researchers .
I think that's a very cool idea to make a family tree for your grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary !

I can tell you right of looking at the maiden names of your family members ( Solimeo and Sweeney), that I probably don't have a direct link with you.

Have you worked your first sources like the US Census, and birth,marriage & death records? Let me know via e mail barb92(at)gmail dot com, if I might help you otherwise.

I hope to hear from you soon.