Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Research source for Berks county

This research does not concern the Carrolls, but if it could be handy to anyone, all the better.And since my principal stomping grounds are in Philly, this "touches" the area and could be of interest for Philadelphia researchers.Because yes, branches do move and spread around...

My search for online sources to work in Berks Co PA led me to here :


This is an online BMD ( Birth,Mariage & Death) research motor at the Register of Wills. So, it is a genuine website

Just link into the above page, click on SEARCH OUR RECORDS. You will then arrive at a second page where you choose the type of certificate, and continue your research there.

It is not a complete answer to online research, but could be a godsend for someone who neads a lead. And if you are ever lucky, you can order a certificate will all the details. Click on "Fee schedule" on the left hand margin to find out more.

My great-great grandfather Hansen was born in Reading a few years before civil registration even began. Which will mean another research in time to even know which were the churches in Reading in the 1800's and how to access these sources. An e mail to the local Genealogy society as to how to search the pre- civil reg era said "try churches,wills,cemeteries etc".

Now why didn't I think of that ?? I got my work cut out for me, people.

This only the second time that my research goes outside Philadelphia county ( the first time being with Schuylkill co, where I had a very ungratifying time writing to church parishes).So I'm coming to the idea that writing to these religious institutions are not always the best way to continue one's research.

I wonder what would have happened if I showed up on their doorstep??

So, Berks County cousins, be aware of the Register of wills source. It's a good one- Use it well !

Good luck to all ;)

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Anonymous said...

there has been much reserch done on family, I have not been able to find my greatgrandfather james edwin carroll,live in chicago and died early 60 or 70s his son was edwin supplett carroll his mothers maiden name was supplett. could any one help thank you sharon carrollcocistr