Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Trying to fill in the blanks

It's the time of year that always makes me feel studious...
I feel like taking a fresh sheet of ruled paper and a number 2 pencil, to start something new.

So I have decided before hopping off for a brief holiday,to start a new list.

I have elaborated about my Carroll ancestors all through these blog pages.Including the information that is known to me.My idea is that I do not own information,seeing that I'm not the only one out there who could benefit from it.
But, that's great when I have something to share.

And when I don't ?
I go "fishing".Often it's by combing online documents or going to genealogy boards
But because I also operate a blog, this gives me yet another tool to work with.

Below is my "to find" list.

Writing this out will be like sending a "bottle to the ocean". Because you know that Mr Googly picks up a lot of names and details that someone might research one day.
I have had almost all of my information requests like this, when someone scrolled in a name on a search engine, and came up with a page on this blog.

If anyone has any information on these ancestors,or you think that we may belong to the same family, please drop me a line at:

And I'll be happy to get back to you.

I'm placing these ancestors by couple/family for clarity.

CARROLL Andrew- MY great-great grandfather.
When exactly did you pass away ?
No tombstone was found neither any record (so far) detailing a date of death.

BURKE, Catherine- My great-great grandmother who was married to my ancestor Carroll ( Andrew Carroll).

Where in Ireland were you born and what exactly was this date? Who were your parents? Did they come to the US with you ?.


HANSEN Gerry- My great-great grandfather(paternal Grandmother's line)

When & where did you pass away?

Sometime before 1935 when his son,(my great-grandad), Christian Hansen remarried.But, I have no exact date & place He lived in Reading PA/ the area.

HANSEN, Christine- Gerry's wife.Likewise, I have no death info for her.


MORRIS, Catherine "Kate"- My great grandmother( My grandmother Hansen's mother). Spouse to Christian HANSEN.

Where in Ireland were you born in March 1867 ? And who were your parents ? And where in the USA ( you immigrated in 1888) were you & Christian married?

No, not in Phila( already checked).

MC ENTEE, Patrick.- Also my great-great- grandfather ( line of my great-grandfather Carroll's wife, Jennie McEntee).

Where in Ireland were you born? Who were your parents ? Where and when were you married?.
Did you become a US citizen ??

HAINES, Agnes - My great-great-grandmother.
Where were you born ? And who were your parents?

It is said in some records that you were English born,others say Irish.

My lines go no further than my great-great grandparents for the time being( same for my Carroll line)..

Thanks in advance for any information,advice or tips that anyone would have to pass on. I greatly appreciate this.

Have a great day !