Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy 100th !

Here we are at 100 + 1 posts... I have hit ( and passed) my 100th post point !

Happy 100th to Our Carroll family Genealogy ! Wooo !

I know that this is such a tiny and rather sporadic operation.I do not blog about Genealogy on a daily basis, like many of my colleagues. I go with my flow and the research that I may be doing . This sometimes means no Genealogy at times, and no findings to share.

But, I do prod on and hope to continue this blog, which has become my online Genealogy journal.

Just throwing out a few Thank you's :
Thank you to :

Family,friends,fellow Carrolls, and even the curious passersby.
If you have enjoyed what you have read and maybe learned something, then I'm very glad.

Because Genealogy is not my job, nor is it something that I 'am obliged to do. It is above all for me a PASSION.
I'am passionate about my family history and have a great pride for the people, places and lives, (of both past and present ) who make up my family history.

Now to the minus side of this operation, this is a very quiet blog.
So please, if you like what you are reading, drop me some FEEDBACK in the comments !

Clap,rant,share,discuss, debate whatever -be a part of this adventure too ! Even if you just leave an anonymous comment, it is still a voice. And I will be very grateful.

Have a great day and happy ancestor hunting to all :)


Miriam said...

Congratulations, Barb!

mcnairy said...

Congratulations from a fellow clans(wo)man!

Barbara said...

Hello there !
Miriam- Thank you for stopping by & for your best wishes. 100 is worth celebrating !

McNairy- Hi ! Thanks for stopping by and sgaring in the clan pride Woo !
I hope to be around to recount more of my research and heritage.

Have a great day ladies :)

Anonymous said...

Cousin B....Wow!! Quite a milestone!! Congrats to you for all your hard work -- past, present and future. I think we have all learned a lot about our roots. We are truly grateful for your efforts.


Barbara said...

Hi Kathy,
Sooo glad to see you here !
Thank you so much; I try. You know that it's not always easy tracking down the ancestors.
Bur it's a real pleasure.

Big hugs XX
Your cuz :)

Lisa said...

I'm very late in offering you my congratulations - but here they are! Keep up the good work, Barbara. I'm glad to know that you are continuing to write and research your family's story.

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