Monday, March 16, 2009

Welcoming Charles back into our humble clan

There seems to be no such thing as "neutral" when it comes to my research...
Either it's so quiet that you could hear grass grow or things jump !

Last weekend was definitely a weekend when things were jumping. My friend Rita( who has been helping me so much in my research), came up with an obituary for my Grandad's niece. This niece was Agnes Carroll ( or more precisely, my First cousin once removed ).

Prior to this new element, my information was very sketchy on her; I knew the name of her husband and son, but I did not know where she lived and if she had passed away or still living.

Through my cousin's obituary, I had her age, the date on which she passed away, place of burial and yes, next of kin.This kin included my cousin Agnes' son. Rita suggested that I try and phone him, and lucky for us, my cousin did not have an unlisted telephone number.

And I got my courage up and last evening, called Agnes' son, Charles in Ohio.

I have done this type of telephone calls for Genealogy several times. Even though I have my note sheet before my eyes, and I'm more than prepared to cite dates and names, I will admit to being rather tense each time. After all, you never know how the other person is going to take this type of news...
"Hello... you don't know me but I'm your lost long cousin !" Grin :)
You have to agree; not everyone would be jumping for joy !

But, my anxieties just flew out of the window after the first few minutes... Charles was a very friendly and charming man . Once I identified myself and told him who my Grandfather was ( that was only normal), he recognized Grandad's name and we started talking away like mad ! About his Grandad, my Grandad,and many little things in between.I was so happy to have this talk with Charles. He was very much interested in his Family History and eager to know more.

If Charles is reading this post, I'm so happy to be in touch with you now and look forward to getting to know you ! No problem for talking to your Father too, who probably has many stories to tell about your Carroll relatives.

My Grandfather, John Bernard Carroll Sr was originally from a family of 5 children. But 2 of them, a boy named William and a girl named Agnes died in childhood. This makes for 3 brothers who grew up to adult age, to have children. Along with JB Sr was Edward Patrick Sr ( numerous descendants throughout the East Coast and Florida) and finally, Andrew Martin Carroll, who is Charles' grandad.

I had only some very basic information on Andrew Martin's branch. But, I think through Charles, I may be able to learn more about his grandparents and his family.

I'm so happy to Welcome you "back" to our Carroll Clan my cousin ! If you stick around, you will get to know a lot of information about our family, from both the Past and in the Present. We have cousins living on both the East & West coast and Hawaii too ! And don't forget myself out here in France ;)

Keep in touch, Charles !

May this be a motivation for everyone looking for cousins or other kin that they have not yet found. Never say never... use and reuse Newspaper resources like obits at your local Library or ask a Genealogist or Genealogy volunteer to do a lookup for you, especially when you are from out of State.You can also check with the Genealogy Society of the County where your family lived. Some Genealogy societies have obit collections or will do lookups in the local Newspaper archives for a fee.

Obits can give you much valuable information for finding next of kin that you may have a hard time locating otherwise.

Good luck to everyone in their research and have a nice day.

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