Saturday, February 14, 2009

Yes- My Genealogy is alive AND kicking !

Hello Genealogy friends,

Yes; I have been in the silence mode since last June 2008. Following my project which I published in my last posts, to publish my Genealogy website... and eventually close this blog.

But... It looks like I'm not yet ready for website creations; after a small bang ( more like a pop), I got caught up in my first problems. And put everything on hold, due to a trip back to North America in September.
But, I still needed to put everything online in a clear and visual form.
With data, a tree and yes, photo albums.

That's when I saw GENI on a search engine.
This is a private family tree, only visible to your own family and your invited friends.

When I first saw the website and was OK to try it,I put my personal blog on hold for an entire week in January of this year and just typed away.
That was the hard part, like you all know.
The easy part was inviting family...I had my cousins,My first cousins, even first cousins once or twice removed.

Lucky that the website calculates these degrees of relationships because I would go mad doing it.
And family members were accepting day after day !
This is not just a family tree; it is an interactive family tree. You find out who's online,the latest additions ( data,photos, comments, etc) .

Very cool...
It takes awhile to get used to all the features , and one minus point is that there is no section to note your sources. I do serious Genenalogy in the sense that I like to put my sources. I had to used the section called "about me", which is more like for personal anecdotes.

But, all in all, I have been swept off by the response in my family and how quickly that everyone has adopted their family tree.

Want to try it ?? Go to :

I do hope to continue with Genealogy as I go through my findings.
Happy searching everyone, and I hope to see again friends that I made here on this blog.


Amanda said...

Geni is an excellent site (except for the sourcing as you mentioned). I even found a new cousin through it. I hope you enjoy it!

Lisa said...

Wonderful, Barbara! I'm so glad to hear from you again regarding your family history search. I'm looking forward to reading more.


Barbara said...

Hi there !
Amanda- It's always nice to meet fellow genealogists. I'm quite enthusiastic about Geni and feel good with what it has created in my family.
Hope to see you in the futre here.

Lisa- Hi ! I really apprecited your visits to mt personal blog. Sometimes it is good to step back a bit. I was so happy with my experience with Geni, and I think that keeping up a Genealogy blog is still the best path.
I'm looking forward to coming back often to your blogs.