Friday, May 23, 2008

Website update N° 2

Hello everyone,

Just another short update as I embark on this adventure that is website creating.

I had my two (real ) website work sessions, and I can say that it went better than I imagined. Didier, my husband said " First, you need to make a Welcome page".

OK... I sat down and really did a hands on experience.

I wrote my Welcome page, colored the background and chose my script. I even got to experiment with the famous link buttons, that will enable you all to change pages or return to the home page. Ooooh....

Not too bad to start :)

The next work session I tried the photo album option.This is an excellent feature with this website creation program. You can actually add an album, which allows your visitors to see a variety of images.
I whipped out my CD's & started choosing images of our oldest ancetors to be included in the first album ( lucky you; there will be several albums !). It was e-a-s-y ! I ended up with a photo album on my second page that was not bad at all.

This is going to give our family photos the setting that they really deserve.

The easy and "user friendly" publishing that our website creator uses does remind me a bit of Blogger. Of course, you have more of a margin; choosing the color for background pages,adding text of different sizes,and lots of help with adding links, and organizing the information.

I'am taking it slow, but I feel more comfortable with the program than the first day. I'am happy with my first tries, but of course, there will be more adjustments as we go on.

So, family & friends, stick around.

Thanks to all for coming back to check up on me. I do appreciate it.

Have a great weekend.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Website Update Number One

Just a short update on the website...

If anyone is( still )reading this blog, it was Lisa of the blog Smallest leaved Shamrock, who suggested that I may leave progress reports now & then.

This month, we are just in the thinking and planning mode.

My husband found the system to develop the new website from A-Z. It is a French based system named Cariboost. Of course, I will be publishing in English, and most likely also in French too. But, this will help us develop the website.
We purchased our licence which will enable us to publish without space limitations.

Today, we started looking at the publishing page.It still looks very new to me, so I'am just taking it nice and easy.
Now I can say that the big work will begin.

My next goal : Start using a HTML software, to begin putting in my family tree.That's how my husband described it to me. We shall so for all that.I would like to at least have an index of names and if possible, some type of graphic family tree. To have both a textual genealogy and a graphic one to visualize it.

It's going to be challenging for the both of us.

Thanks for stopping by and have a nice day.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

See you all later on my new website

This is a note to inform everyone that I will no longer be writing posts on this blog.

I 'am feeling the squeeze, to expand into a real website.

A place to put a genealogy program, a decent photo gallery, and more things.Yes, this means work and good work takes time. But, my husband is willing to help set this up with me.

In the meanwhile, this blog will stay open for browsing.I'am far from being at my goal, but when the future website becomes reality, I will announce it here.The only change is that I closed the comment option on all the older posts, and will eventually do the same with the last 2 posts.

Once again, hear the call...

Anyone that may think my family is related to yours, or anyone who wishes to contact me is always welcome. A special call to anyone that has relatives named James Carroll who lived in Chicago, IL .Find all the info under the "Cook County IL " label on the sidebar.

barb92(at)gmail dot com .

This e-mail is also on top of the sideboard to serve as reference.

Thank you to those who participated, left comments or just were interested enought to return and view more than once. I know from my visitor counter that you were quite numerous !

Special Thanks go to Rita,Gerry, and all my cousins in CA,PA,NJ,NY,and FL who shared in this adventure.

I hope to see many of you back when my new home is completed.

Wish us luck and Good luck to you all in your research.