Saturday, May 17, 2008

Website Update Number One

Just a short update on the website...

If anyone is( still )reading this blog, it was Lisa of the blog Smallest leaved Shamrock, who suggested that I may leave progress reports now & then.

This month, we are just in the thinking and planning mode.

My husband found the system to develop the new website from A-Z. It is a French based system named Cariboost. Of course, I will be publishing in English, and most likely also in French too. But, this will help us develop the website.
We purchased our licence which will enable us to publish without space limitations.

Today, we started looking at the publishing page.It still looks very new to me, so I'am just taking it nice and easy.
Now I can say that the big work will begin.

My next goal : Start using a HTML software, to begin putting in my family tree.That's how my husband described it to me. We shall so for all that.I would like to at least have an index of names and if possible, some type of graphic family tree. To have both a textual genealogy and a graphic one to visualize it.

It's going to be challenging for the both of us.

Thanks for stopping by and have a nice day.


Lisa said...

Sounds like a great project, Barbara. I hope it all goes easily for you. I'm looking forward to hearing what you learn from the process.


barbara said...

Hi Lisa,
Thank you for your encouragement ;)
I was there yesterday looking at the blank page and all the gadgets. Just dumb at the start! But, new habits will form.
I want to attack the genealogy data part, as it is the biggest part of it.

I will be seeing you soon.