Thursday, May 1, 2008

See you all later on my new website

This is a note to inform everyone that I will no longer be writing posts on this blog.

I 'am feeling the squeeze, to expand into a real website.

A place to put a genealogy program, a decent photo gallery, and more things.Yes, this means work and good work takes time. But, my husband is willing to help set this up with me.

In the meanwhile, this blog will stay open for browsing.I'am far from being at my goal, but when the future website becomes reality, I will announce it here.The only change is that I closed the comment option on all the older posts, and will eventually do the same with the last 2 posts.

Once again, hear the call...

Anyone that may think my family is related to yours, or anyone who wishes to contact me is always welcome. A special call to anyone that has relatives named James Carroll who lived in Chicago, IL .Find all the info under the "Cook County IL " label on the sidebar.

barb92(at)gmail dot com .

This e-mail is also on top of the sideboard to serve as reference.

Thank you to those who participated, left comments or just were interested enought to return and view more than once. I know from my visitor counter that you were quite numerous !

Special Thanks go to Rita,Gerry, and all my cousins in CA,PA,NJ,NY,and FL who shared in this adventure.

I hope to see many of you back when my new home is completed.

Wish us luck and Good luck to you all in your research.



Janice said...

Sorry to see you go! Make sure to share your new web site URL with us.

Also if you wouldn't mind, putting a link from here on your blog, pretty please? (smile).


barbara said...

Hi Janice,

Thank you for your kind words. Of course, there will be an announcement and a link to get to the new place.
I have felt the need to expand for a long time and now it's time to be bold and create something new.

I keep up surfing and come back to read you also.

Have a great day.

Lisa said...

Barbara -

I'm so glad to know that you won't be going far: just another corner of the worldwide web that we share.

Best wishes on your new project. I look forward to continuing to share our families' stories and our adventures into Pennsylvania history.

Small-leaved Shamrock
A light that shines again
100 Years in America

barbara said...

Hi Lisa,
Thank you for your support of my project. I'am just planning; we found the system that will help us generate pages.
Now we have to roll up our sleeves and do step one.

Yes ! I will be around to your blogs.That doesn't change. So, keep up the great work and see you in the near future.

Lisa said...

Keep us all posted! I'd love to hear updates on how your project is coming along. Any chance you'd want to place them on your blog, Barbara?


barbara said...

Hi Leesa,
Yes, I can post short updates. I did not think about doing that, but why not?
Thank you for your encouragement, Lisa.
See you on your blogs.
Cheers !