Monday, March 31, 2008

The family of Mary Irene Carroll & Frederick J Maloney

The third child of Edward Patrick Carroll Sr & Mary De Bow is Mary Irene Carroll.

She was born in Phila, and married Frederick J Maloney Jr, who deceased in 2002 in New Jersey.

Mary Irene Carroll & Frederick J Maloney had three children :

Mary Ellen Maloney; married to Richard Reinthaler .

They have 3 children :

Brian L Reinthaler married to Sara.

Brian and Erica have 2 children :

Anne June

Scott Reinthaler , married to Sarah .

Amy Carroll Reinthaler

Joseph Frederick Maloney married to Katherine Bissell

Joseph and Katherine have 2 children :


Michael E Maloney
married to Marcie Riger.

Michael and Marcie have 4 children :


Just a call for the children or grandchildren of Mary Irene Carroll Maloney:

I have very little biographical or historical information on Mary Irene's life. I would be more than happy to add this information to what Gerry has previously provided me on John Joseph Jr and Edward Patrick Jr.

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