Monday, March 31, 2008

The descendants of Edward Patrick Carroll Sr & Mary De Bow

This is a series of posts to showcase the genealogy of my cousins who are on the East Coast. They are the descendants of my Grandad's brother, Edward Patrick Carroll Sr.

Since my husband & I will be passing through Philadelphia next September ( a family reunion is planned and we will have the chance to meet my kin !), this is the time to spotlight my family. My cousins live throughout PA,NJ,NY, and FL .

Edward Patrick Sr. came from a family of 4 children.
They were the children of John Joseph Carroll( August 15, 1861,Schuylkill Co,PA-March 21,1914,Philadelphia) and Jeannette "Jenny" McEntee (May 2,1862, Phila-July 10,1936 , Phila).

To view past posts with short biographies about John Joseph Carroll and his own siblings, click here.
Another post features some of the fabulous old photos that cousin Gerry sent last summer.A few photos of Edward P Carroll Sr and his family can be seen here .

To return to the parents of Edward Patrick Sr, 4 children were born out of this union :

-John Bernard Carroll Sr ( my Grandad) born March 24, 1888,Phila; died August,3, 1962, San Diego,CA.
-Andrew Martin Carroll born March 9,1890,Phila; died in 1946.
-Edward Patrick Carroll born on January 8, 1892 , Phila; died on July 1,1957 in Paramus,NJ.
-Agnes Carroll ( dates of birth and death not known). She wed Charles Grieb Sr ( date of union unknown).
I have very little information on Andrew Martin Carroll and Agnes Carroll Grieb.If anyone knows members of their families, please drop me an e-mail at barb62(at) or through a comment.

On February 1,1915 Edward married Mary De Bow( November 8, 1894,Phila-21 December,1990, Meadowbrook,PA. )

Edward and Mary De Bow had 2 sons and a daughter

-John Joseph Carroll Jr
-Edward Patrick Carroll Sr
-Mary Irene Carroll
( married name :Maloney)

I'am tracing each of these families down in 3 seperate posts, to not mix everyone up .

Each post includes all known decendants of John Joseph Jr,Edward Patrick Jr and Mary Irene.

I have wanted to keep the privacy for all living members of my family. I have just put the years of birth to avoid confusion between similar named family members.

Please scroll down to find the post concerning your family member: My apologies if I have forgotten anyone, or if I made a mistake in the information. Please let me know at barb92(at) or through a comment. Thanks in advance.

Cheers to all in the family and we will be in Philly in September " with bells on " !!

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