Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What's new with PA-HR-Access ?

I sent an e- mail to see how Tim Gruber( spokesman for PA-HR-Access )was doing.

For those who don't know this organization, it was started last year to obtain online access to PA death records.There is currently no way to consult these records on the internet, and this group is fighting to change that. The PA-HR-Access website is here .

Tim was telling me of some of his frustrations in convincing Genealogical and Historical associations to join in them.

"A number of historical and genealogy societies we've asked for endorsements and help from haven't been forthcoming. Part of it I believe is because they don't take this cause all that seriously. It's not a priority for them even if they allegedly like the idea. Others are bothered by the notion that if the state is made to have their records on the net they will too".

Mr Gruber urges genealogists to contact their societies that they belong to and get them to get involved in letter writing . Even if you are not a member of a Genealogical Society, send a letter to your County or State society.Currently, 18 groups that have joined with PA-HR-Access.

A website named Census finder, has a list of Genealogical socities in PA. Click
here to find the complete list

Then, to touch a word about support coming from the Legislators...
On the PA-HR-Access website, here, there are currently 7 PA State Representatives and 5 PA State Senators that have given their endorsement ! These are excellent beginnings...

Mr Gruber wrote :
" As for the legislators, a few people are getting rather negative responses. Some seem so condescending they are insulting...Interestingly when I've been able to sit down and discuss the matter I am usually able to win over a legislator. Some have gone from being against or unsure of the idea to liking it a lot. Unfortunately it's not practical for me to meet with all 253 legislators "
Once again, if you want online access to PA death records, and don't like the wait and the costs of the traditional methods, join us !

Write to PA or other Genealogical societies...
Write to the PA Legislators....
Write to the Governor of PA.... ( I wrote my letter to the Governor) .

It's your choice to whom you write and how many times you do it, but make your voice be heard !!

You will find letter models on the PA-HR-Access website to help to write your letter quickly and painlessly. Click here, to find your sample letter.

I'am concerned for my research in Schuylkill County and Philadelphia county( I live outside of the USA),and I join Mr Gruber in his cause.

Thank you to all who join us.

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