Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Kilkenny city, here we come

The following post is my first entry to an event called the Carnival of Irish Hertitage and Culture
What is a blog Carnival ?

An organizer brings together people who love to post on a particular topic. You name it; there are hundreds of topics. Just a few examples: the carnival of satire (humor), the carnival of all about Alzeimer's(medicine, health and fitness) or even a carnival of beautiful babies (art and entertainment). Then, each organizer publishes the recieved posts together to make a Carnival.
Here's the website to BlogCarnival .

My carnival is of course concerning our Irish heritage. The organizer of this subject is Lisa, who publishes an excellent blog named The Small leaved shamrock.

Lisa's post on the Irish carnival is named everyone loves a good Irish story .

Here is my carnival post :

In August 2007, my friend, Rita sent me an unforgettable e-mail. Rita had found through her personal research, a woman that she believed to be my relative.She gave me Mary's phone number and address and encouraged me to call her.Which I did the following day.

I remember being very anxious to call Mary, and after asking several questions to about her family ( and vice versa), this charming lady did confirm that she is my late Grandfather's(John Bernard Carroll Sr) niece. I was quite moved by this telephone conversation. I made the promise to Mary that I would write a letter and slip in a few recent photos.In the meanwhile, the word had spread among the clan...

I heard from Mary's daughter, and then from a another cousin.Her name was Gerry. She is Mary's niece. Gerry shared with me the family genealogy notes. She was largely responsible for taking those precious notes and putting them into a modern form. The original work was done by Gerry's father and her Uncle many years back. In the following months,a slew of e-mails,PDFs,notes, and photos arrived at my mailbox. I was also able to start a correspondence and learn more about my cousin and her family.This was all incredible, and I was feeling as if I was walking on a cloud .

But it was one mention in the notes caused me to jump. For the first time in my life , I knew exactly where in Ireland our ancestral village was located.This was if I received an electroshock to my brain... After several years of combing the net for Carrolls in Ireland , I had THE ancestral village.
This is a name that has since become very important to me :
Kilkenny City, Kilkenny County, Ireland.

In a sense, I found another part of myself,and of my entire clan in the USA.
We were home, at last...

Once the emotion had gone down, I began checking for websites about Kilkenny genealogy.And through my humble beginnings, I would like to share two websites that have greatly contributed to my newfound knowledge about our ancestral homeland : http://www.ireland.com/ancestor/browse/counties/leinster/kilkenny2.htm

This is a website run by the newspaper, The Irish Times. Their online version has a genealogy section, which is also divided by County . There is a summary of some key references that are important to genealogists ( Census,local History,Catholic records, etc).The references do not have internet links for the most part. But, there are some excellent book references and timetables. Being a brand new researcher in this Irish county, my first instinct was to click on "Catholic records".
A map of Kilkenny County is displayed. For our ancestor, his baptism took place in Saint Canice parish in Kilkenny City. I click on Kilkenny City Parishes on the map. As an example, the following information came out. These are the dates of the registers in Saint Canice and where the microfilms of these registers can be viewed : I found that the registers start from April 6, 1768 for the baptisms,June 12, 1768 for the marriages, and 1777 for the burials.

They can be viewed on microfilm at the folllowing institutions :

Kilkenny Archeological Society
LDS Family history Library
National Library of Ireland

This is very useful information for someone who is very new to research in Ireland. Click here for Irish ancestors page of The Irish Times: You will be able to do a similar search for the other Irish counties.

The second website complements the first.It is run by rootsweb:County Kilkenny Ireland Genealogy and History There are more sources here, including some History,place names, Genealogical sources (including online bases, when they exist), and a very important feature, maps.
I sometimes have a hard time finding a suitable map .I'am not very knowlegeable about my ancestral area being American born and never having lived in Ireland. These maps are very helpful !
Once again, this website is just for Kilkenny, but going to the main website, you can visit any other Irish county :http://www.irelandgenweb.com/ Do visit these excellent websites. If you do know where your ancestral parish is located, you will be able to find some very valuable information about your Irish homeland.

Happy Carnival of Irish Heritage and culture to everyone !

Monday, December 17, 2007

News from the Free Library of Philadelphia

I received my answer to my obituary request made to the Free Library of Philadelphia.
The following image is the page taken from Public Leger for the date of March 24, 1914.
Click on the image for a larger view.

By curiosity, I'am wondering if the persons who are listed with the longer obituaries pay for these more detailed mentions of their family member?
In 1914, my Great-Grandparents lived at 1916 Waterloo Street.According to the family genealogy, this same address was also the residence of Edward Patrick Carroll Senior and his family.
It can be assumed that John Joseph's widow, Jennie "Jeannette" Mc Entee lived with the family until her death on July 10, 1936.

I'am satisfied with the Free Library's Service and plan on trying a second lookup in January. This time for my other Philadelphia branch, Christian Hansen and Catherine "Kate" Morrris. These were my paternal grandmother's parents.

I can only highly reccomend a try if you happen to know the exact death dates of your ancestors .
It might only be a modest trophy, but it is interesting to have your ancestor's obituaries in one's records.

Have a nice day and Happy holiday preparations to all.