Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Carroll Websites

Hi everyone,
I hope that you all are doing fine, and are busy with your projects.

Since the Christmas holidays, I have been searching on the net for Carroll websites and associations.
A few suggestions for your reading pleasure ....
Jim Carroll's website :


Bravo, Jim, for doing a list of Carroll associations !! Just what I was looking for !
It's a shame that the main associations have links that are unactive. But, that's not your fault, Jim !
Included Jim Carroll's genealogy,family photos and of course, Carroll links.
His Carroll line is in WV & IN .
Jim also has a few other Carroll links, that I wont repeat here; check it out !

Hats off to Eugene & Esther ( Ziock ) Carroll.
Eugène is a retired firefighter from Missouri. If you are crazy about these courageous men in red, don't miss Eugène's personal pages.
Eugene & Esther have a website CHOCK FULL of research pages. You have to check it out !
They concern many of their genealogical interests, and not just Carrolls.
This Carroll line is based in Missouri.


To return to our ancestral homeland of Eirann, the is THE Carroll clan website :

Nice to browse that one, and learn about the clan,it's origins, and such. I love the blue of the Carroll tartan ! For the meanwhile, I would be happier if I could trace the home village of Andrew Carroll. I swear, the day I learn that , I will have found my clan heaven !!!

So, that was a very short list of some Carroll related websites. If you all know others, let me know. I think that the Carroll family name is not very widespread on the net. So, the more noise we all make about one & other's websites, the better off for all !

Take care, folks, and I'am looking forward to your feedback !