Thursday, November 22, 2007


I'am just letting everyone know about some new items...
Since my last post , I had been slowed down to get my letter out to Governor Rendell. I will spare you the details, but I did mail my letter to the Governor of Pennsylvania yesterday.
Signed,sealed and( soon to be )delivered..

I sent an e-mail to Tim Gruber, spokesman for the PBAPHR ( People For Better Access to Pennsylvania Historical Records ). Tim had a few bits of news to share.
Quoted from Tim's e-mail :

"We are making progress and have several state legislators onboard and starting to gain endorsements from historical and genealogical societies".
So, this is encouraging, if there are some State Legislators that have joined us.

Once again, here is Tim's e-mail address for all those who would like to join us :



Getting back to my Carroll family research, we have so far struck out twice for obituaries.

I made two requests for searches by genealogy volunteers ( one of which I'am still waiting for).
The one request that was to try and find an obit for Andrew Carroll,the son of James "Big Jim" Carroll. After a lead found in ancestry, there was an Andrew Carroll who died in 1939 in Chicago.Unfortunately, no obit was found for him.
I always say, if you don't try, you will never know...

Always Thank people for their efforts, even when the answer is a negative one.

The second obit lookup was done by my friend, Rita. She put out a search through the Free Library of Philadelphia. Thank you again, Rita. She was searching for an eventual notice about Catherine Burke's passing. Although Catherine ( widow of Andrew Carroll ) moved to Chicago with her children, and passed on there in 1904, there could have been an obit for her kin in Philadelphia.
No such obit was found in the Philadelphia newspapers.
It was exactly for Catherine Burke that my second obit look up request was made.The volunteer in Chicago has answered me, and I can expect an answer in the coming weeks.

Adding to the Chicago look-ups, my letter sent to the Free Library of Philadelphia.

If the luck of the Irish is with us, there may be either an obit for John Joseph Carroll or his spouse, Jeannette "Jenny" McEntee .
FYI about look ups at the Free Library of Philadelphia :

Send a written request with the person's name, date of death(month,day,year) or burial date
and Self addressed stamped envelope. They will check only two newspapers. Photocopies cost 50 cents per page with a one dollar minimum.Maximum of two obituaries can be requested at the same time.

Send request to :

Free Library of Philadelphia
Newspapers & Microfilm Center
1901 Vine Street
Philadelphia,PA 19103

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all !

May your blessings be numerous and your worries few.

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