Friday, November 23, 2007

Genealogy memes- 161 and Can you top this ?

There is a first time for everything...
I have already done some memes on my personal blog, which is called Home in France.
But, never a genealogy meme !

I have been tagged by Miriam of AnceStories, to do these two memes.Miriam is a super genealogy blogger; I marvel at the variety of interesting posts that she writes.

Here are my memes:


Here are the rules :
In this meme, you're supposed to go to page 161 of the book you're currently reading and list the 6th sentence on that page. Then you tag five other bloggers to do the same.

I'am not currently reading a book; my last novel dates from this past summer. I hope that it's OK if I just quote the page 161 from this book.
It is called "Absolution by murder" by Peter Tremayne.
If you would like to read my book review of this excellent medeval mystery, set Ireland in the 7th century.You can click here, to be directed to this post on my personal blog.

Here's the sentence. Since I read the book in French, I will publish the original sentence, than my translation.
" Dites-vous que certains désaccords devaient être réglés avant la discussion publique ? "
It translates :
"You say that certain disagreements had to be settled before the public debate ? "
I 'am not sure what is the exact sentence in the English version, so this is just my translation.

These are excellent novels if you are interested in the History of Ireland, and I can only highly recommend them !

The second meme that I have been tagged with is called " Can you top this ? "
This meme was started by John Newmark of Transylvanian Dutch.
It's purpose is to list your most prolific ancestor. John's great-great-grandfather had 22 children with three wives. He gives you extra credit if you show a screen shot from your family tree program to illustrate your ancestor's feat.

I do not have a family tree program to illustrate my most prolific ancestors, and I think that I already can't beat you.

The couple that are my most prolific are Patrick McEntee ( June 15 1830,Ireland-November 15,1916, Philadelphia,PA) and Agnes Haines ( January 22,1830-Feb. 14,1907 )

According to family sources, that still has to be verified, this couple had 24 children. I can account for 12 , through the Census, and a genealogy collegue.
This line still needs to be carefully checked.I'am wondering if there could have been several multiple births, and I can't rule out high infant mortality.And who knows if there could be also other marriages??
For the moment, I'am just going with the 12 known names...

Otherwise, with my Carroll line, it is much more modest; 8 children.

So, John & Miriam, you topped me !

Does anyone want to try these memes? I don't know a lot of genealogy bloggers. It could be a nice chance to get to know other bloggers and each one's genealogy work.
I may keep an eye open on genealogy blogs that are new for me, maybe try and tag someone !

Have a great weekend.

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