Monday, October 29, 2007

More on Chicago research

I have been learning about some excellent resources for research in IL . Prior to this year, I had never researched in this state. Since discovering our Carroll branches in this state, it has been important to learn about the various resources offered.

My friend Rita has come through again. She offered the links to Illinois Vital Statistics Indexes. Click on the following to access :

Data base of Marriage certificates ( 1763-1900 )

Data base of pre-1916 death certificates

Data base of IL death certificates ( 1916-1950 )

This is a fabulous initiative that I can only dream of for our research in Pennsylvania.

Some promising findings from U.S. Census sources have pinpointed one of the Chicago branches.

1900 Census :

This concerns James Carroll (a.k.a Big Jim ), (1857) and wife Jennie (1865) and his wife Jennie. 3 children are said to have been born from this couple :

-Andrew ( 6/ 1886 )

- Jennie ( also known as Jean ) (3/1888)

- Mary (12/1884).
Also, living with this family are 2 cousins, Lucy (2/1892) and Mary (5/1893) Kelly, both born Pa.

1910 Census :

James and Jennie Carroll are living alone - they list 3 children born and 2 living. It appears that Mary (12/1884) has passed on. Seems there is no indication of a Robert, that I had seen on our family's genealogy papers.

Then, the following information concerns Andrew Carroll :

WW 1 Draft Registration of Andrew J. Carroll (born 6/25/1886), Pa. - he is married w/ children.

1920 Census:

Andrew (policeman-city)
Anna (his wife)

1930 Census Andrew (policeman-city)
Anna (his wife)

Andrew (police)- wife and children:

Gertrude - age 19
Jerome - age 15
Elmer - age 13

There was no Andrew Carroll in the WW II Draft Index at Which leads my friend to think that Andrew, son of James & Jennie Carroll may have passed on before this time. Rita came up with a complete date of death of an Andrew Carroll ( died Cook County - Chicago, Sex (N/S), age, unk. Date of death 8/30/1939 ), that may be the person. Of course, pending confirmation .

Which lead me to search for a Cook County based obituary volunteer look-up . What is an obit volunteer ? These are genealogists who kindly donate their time to look up newspaper obituaries in their local areas. This is no limited just to Cook County and Illinois. There are obituary look up volunteers in many states. Here are some websites :

RAOGK ( Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness). This is not limited just to obits. Here, volunteers do many kind acts; search vital statistics certifiacates, photograph tombstones,and other nice deeds. I have already used the services of the RAOGK volunteers, and have had some excellent help.Sometimes, you may obtain free information; other times, pay for the copies . But, the fees are minimal.

US Genweb project which has a website for each state. There is a lot of good basic information here. It was while I was on the main page at this website, I saw a box marked "Counties of the month- Allegan County MI and Cook County IL " . Great ! I got a direct feed into the county website and could consult the look ups section ! There were obituary look-up volunteers, that can search in the IL newspapers.

If you scroll down the page, there is a list for other type of volunteer researchers; some will research for free, while others will make a copies for a small fee.

It was this morning that I decided to ask for an obit look up with Cook County US GenWeb. I opted to pay a small fee to have copies ( if any obituaries are found, of course).I will keep you all posted of the outcome.

Kudos to you again, Rita :) I'am very grateful for your help.

Good luck to all and have a nice day.

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