Friday, October 12, 2007

Celebrating our family's musical talents (II)

My research seems to be tapering down a bit, but I'am still going through the family photos.

A sincere Thank you again to my cousin Peggy in California. She was able to find two very pretty photos of her mother( and my aunt), Virginia ( Carroll) Jefferds at the organ. This is one of the photos that she graciously sent to me. I had some problems downloading the second photo on this blog.

This is my Aunt Virginia, playing the organ at a friend's house.The photo is unfortunately undated, but I would say that this was taken in the 1960's ( remembering her hairstyle that was similar in other photos taken during this period).

This beautiful and talented lady was the daughter of John Bernard Carroll Sr. and Mary Agnes Hansen. My father's only sibling.

My cousin said to me in her letter that Aunt Virginia played the organ at weddings for many years. She was like that; happy to share her music with others. Among my cousins in California and Minnesota, only the younger ones play an instrument on a regular basis.These include several children of my cousins, such as Mike ( cousin Kathy's son), who plays drums, and Chrystel ( Cousin Patsy's daughter), who plays banjo in a local blue grass band. And, there may other younger cousins that I have forgotten who study music in Intermediate or High school.

The musical genes still seem to be alive and kicking in the family !

Have a nice day and happy hunting .

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