Monday, September 3, 2007

Schuylkill County links

I would like to Thank me friend Rita, for sharing the follow links on Schuylkill County. The first concerns the city of Tamaqua. This is where the JJ Carroll saloon was located (see following post).

The link comes from Tamqua station . This gives a very complete description of what is called the "Tamaqua National Historical District ", which contains 976 buildings, and several sites ,structures, and monuments.I have never been to Schuylkill County; but I can easily imagine myself using this article to discover some of the interesting historical sites in town.

The second link is from the website, JimThorpeToday . Through a group called the "Baker street irregulars", which are admirers of Sir Conan Doyle, we learn that Doyle's novel "The Valley of Fear" is based on the Molly McGuire murders. Read " Following the Molly Trail ", to discover more on the Molly McGuire sites, and to see a few pictures. Including this one :

This is how the JJ Carroll saloon looks today .If you didn't know that the saloon was once there, you would pass right on by ! Compare with the older photo of the saloon ( scroll down to the next post).

The final link is the list of the Molly McGuires from the Pinkerton & Reading Railroad files. The AOH stands for "Ancient Order of Hibernians ". This can be an useful list for all those who do genealogy in the Anthracite region.

Thank you again, Rita, for the website links. We all will be learning many new things.

Have a nice day.

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