Thursday, September 20, 2007

John and Mary Carroll- the mystery photos

These are photos that were sent to me by a genealogy collegue about 3 years ago. I had originally seen a forum query about John & Mary Carroll of Philadelphia. I was able to enter into contact with Mr. Mike Egan, and he graciously sent me these photos.

They are of John & Mary Carroll, and were taken in 1919 ( the year when my grandparents were wed). Click for a larger view :

Left; John Carroll; on right, a photo entitled "Maes and Hayes ". I have no idea who these ladies are.

Two younsters next to Mary Carroll. This was taken in Willow Grove, PA. This lady has a resemblance to my grandmother.

Finally, a photo entitled Mary Carroll, and the last one, cousins John & Mary Carroll.
You will agree with me that this Mary Carroll does not look very much like the one in the first photo at Willow Grove.
These photos were taken from an old family album, as you can see a part on the handwriting below each photo. My own family never had any similar photos.
Have a nice day and happy genealogy searching to all.

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