Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A closer look at the J J Carroll tavern photo

My sincere Thanks go to Mr. Marvin Barrash.This gentleman, who knows my friend Rita, is a whiz with photo enhancement. Marvin has isolated some details out of the J J Carroll tavern.

Once again, the tavern in Tamaqua :

Marvin got this :

From the sign on the extreme right hand side.One can read the word "cigars".

From the large sign that looks like a coat of arms.

Picking out the lettering on the sign.

Finally, the small sign at the left of the entrance :

It appears to read LV Girard, which made Rita think of Leigh Valley, and Girard, as in Girardville. This sent her searching for any photo clues, and she found this one in Girardville :

This is not the same tavern, but it is another site of the Mollys.We still do not know why the words " LV Girard " are up there. Perhaps it has to do with other Hibernian society branches ?

Speaking of Girardville, Rita came up with an interesting link about Girardville and the Mollys
. This one is named Hometown Tales

Any clues or information relating to the signs or possible meanings would be welcome. I did not grow up in Schuylkill County, so I do not have a close working knowledge of the area.

The blog is open for your comments, as usual.

Have a nice day and happy hunting to all .

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