Thursday, September 27, 2007

Celebrating our family's musical talent

Our grandparents, John Bernard Carroll Sr. & Mary Agnes Hansen .
This is the only photo that I have of our grandparents together in front of their piano.

When my husband and I visited my family in San Diego ( in 2006 ), my cousin Kathy gave me some of Nan Nan's ( our Grandmother, Mary Agnes Hansen) precious sheet music. Our Grandmother loved playing the piano in her spare time, and owned a collection of popular tunes that she enjoyed playing. Glancing at the titles itself is a trip back in time
Here are photos of the sheet music that my cousin Kathy gave us :
Click on the photos for a larger view :

These are very old tunes with soft and sentimental titles such as: " I love you just the same, sweet Adelaide " or " Those songs that my mother used to sing ".

Some of the sheet music pages are well worn, and most of them have my Grandmother's name on the front. A few are signed " Mary Hansen". These pieces would then date before 1919, when our grandparents were married.

John and Mary's daughter ( my Aunt), Virginia Rose, also studied the piano , and also excelled in playing the organ. This is Virginia with Duke, the family's Cocker spaniel :

Although, I do not have any photos of Virginia playing the organ.I'll ask my cousins in California, if any of them has one.
My aunt played organ at her church, and this is how she met a very handsome young man from New York, Donald Jefferds.It was said by one of my cousins that the young ladies at church only had eyes for the handsome Donald.But he could only see that beautiful young organist.
In 2006, my Aunt passed on, and joined her beloved Donald in heaven.

I'am sorry to say that I have not kept up my musical studies ( I played some violin ) and that I can no longer read sheet music.So these pieces of sheet music only have a sentimental value for me. They are precious because they were songs that our Grandmother enjoyed playing and singing.I have begun choosing the less damaged pieces to put in frames. This is the latest one that I framed :

A beautiful lady in blue.

Cherish the objects of your kin. Although they may not be made of gold or precious stones.But,they are the treasures of those that we love.

Have a great day and happy hunting to all.

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