Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sources in Kilkenny County, Ireland

I might be slightly ahead of myself, but I have been searching for resources for the Irish county where Andrew Carroll was born.
I was able to find two excellent sources that I want to share with everyone.

First, coming from rootsweb is County Kilkenny Ireland Genealogy and History . This site is a volunteer operated website with a variety of sources on each county. Click for example, on the Kilkenny records subjects, and you will find a long listing for all types of records. There is also a Maps of County Index. That is very handy for those researching from outside of Ireland.
I highly reccomend this website as a key reference for your research.

Then, there is a second website about Kilkenny that I liked.The newspaper The Irish Times has a genealogy section in it's online home. I already think that it is an excellent initiative to have a genealogy section on a national newspaper. This is the first time that I have seen one ! There is the link to Kilkenny Local History . On the left hand side, is a selection of topics you can browse ( Census, local journals,directories, etc).By clicking on the topic "Catholic records", you arrive at a map showing each parish in the county. Click next on the parish that interests you; I did of course, Kilkenny City parishes Scroll down to find a neatly presented table that has the starting and ending dates of the records, and where you can find them.

What always interests me is the oldest date. If Andrew Carroll's parents were also Kilkenny city natives, I cannot go no further than 1768. The oldest parts of the birth,marriage and death registers begins in 1768.
We have a date of baptism for Andrew Carroll on 5/31/1817 in St. Canice's R.C Church Dean St., Kilkenny, Ireland, Diocese of Ossary. We will very likely find Andrew's baptismal record on the microfilm, and with some luck, find his parent's marriage in the same parish. Like most genealogists, I hope to go as far as the existing records may allow me to do.

My greatest wish is to one day, do my first trip to Ireland. I have the option of researching in any of the numerous LDS (Later Day Saints) genealogy centers, or to go to the National Archives in Dublin, to examine the microfilm of Saint Canice parish.

Have a great day and Happy hunting !

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