Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Portraits of John Joseph Carroll and Jennie McEntee

Here are two more family portraits that come from cousin Gerry's family:

John Joseph Carroll ( 1861- 1914 )

Jennie McEntee, ( 1862- 1936 ), as an elder.

There is a second photo on the blog entitled Photo of Grandmother Carroll . Click on the link to see it.My cousin Gerry confirmed that it was indeed Jenny in that photo..

Their descendants currently exist on 3 branches :

1) John Bernard Sr ( March 24, 1888, Phila-August 3, 1962, San Diego,CA); married to Mary Agnes Hansen .
John Joseph (1920-1999)- 3 living children.

Virginia Rose (1922-2006) - 4 living children + descendants.

This is the blog author's branch.

2) Andrew Martin ( March 9, 1890, Phila.-1946 ), married to Elsie.


Andrew " Wimpy "


The descendants of these children are not known.

3) Edward Patrick Sr, ( Jan 8, 1892, Phila. - July 1, 1957, Paramus,NJ). married to Mary De Bow.
Children :
John Joseph
Edward Patrick Jr.
Mary Irene

Edward Sr's family includes many living descendants in several East Coast states. This is my cousin Gerry's branch.

John and Jenny also had two other children who died at a young age; Agnes who died the 22 Dec 1891 at 3 years, and William who died the 3 June 1898 at 4 years.

Have a nice day and see you all soon.

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