Thursday, August 23, 2007

Photos of John B Carroll Sr and family

Cousin Gerry and her Uncle, Edward Carroll Jr. have downloaded more old photos. Edward Jr. has been a big help finding these precious photos at home. Thank you to you both for sharing; it does mean a lot to me.

My grandfather, John Bernard Carroll Sr.( last man on the right) with the De Bow brothers. These are the brothers of Mary De Bow, his brother Edward's wife.

Elsie, Andrew "Wimpy" Carroll, and John Bernard Carroll. Andrew was the son of Grandfather's brother Andrew Martin Carroll, and Elsie, Andrew's wife.

Edward Patrick Carroll Sr. (1892-1957) with his brother, John Bernard Carroll Sr.(1888-1962). Edward was my cousin Gerry's grandfather.

My Grandfather, John Bernard Carroll Sr. as a young sailor.

Wishing everyone a nice day, and see you again soon.


Miriam said...

Barbara, isn't it great to get these pictures? I can identify with you, because I am having a field day with all the scanned family pictures my great-aunt sent me recently. It's so fun to put faces to the names you've been researching all along, and especially to get photos of direct ancestors, isn't it?

Have fun!

barbara said...

Hi Miriam,
How are you doing ?
My simple words cannot begin to express the emotions that I have felt.
To finally put a face on an ancestor's name and dates is a rare treat. Oooh !!!
I'am happy for you that you also have had the chance to do likewise.

Good luck organizing your photos, too. We have already began making on copies on CD.

See you again soon.