Thursday, August 30, 2007

James J Carroll tavern

This is a photo of the tavern that was owned by James J. Carroll, Andrew Carroll's brother.

My cousin Gerry once again provided me with another fascinating old photo . Thank you again, cousin ! This is what she had to say about the tavern in her e-mail :

" I also attached a copy of a tavern owned by James J. Carroll in Tamaqua, PA. Circa 1860-70. This tavern was supposedly owned by Andrew's brother James. There was a James Carroll hung with the Molly Maguires, who owned a tavern where the Mollys met. Could it be? My Dad and uncle went up there trying to find out if it was a relative, but ran into dead ends since most of the records were destroyed ".

I promised myself to purchase a book about the Molly McGuires, and to learn something about this period. I'am just learning about this secret order of Irishmen. Here is a Wikipedia article about the MollyMcGuires to fill you in . It gives History a special dimension when you learn that your own family was involved in one way or another.

Have a nice day.

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