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The children of John Joseph Carroll and Jennie McEntee

I'am continuing with the biographies of the Carroll family.
This time concerning the children of John Joseph Carroll and Jeannette "Jennie" McEntee.
I will add my biography about my grand father, John Bernard Carroll Sr. next week.

Once again, notes courtesy of cousin Gerry and her family.

The children of John Joseph Carroll & Jeanette "Jennie" McEntee :

1 Agnes Carroll . Birthdate unknown( probably towards1889).
This child died at age 3 on the 22 December,1891, and was buried the following day at New Cathedral Cemetery.
2) William Carroll. Born towards 1894;
This child died on 3 June,1898, at age age 4. He was also buried at New Cathedral Cemetery.

2 John Bernard Carroll, Sr. was born March 24,, 1888 in Philadelphia, Pa, and died August 03, 1962 in SanDiego, CA. He married Mary Agnes Hansen October 28, 1919. Mary was born 20 January, 1891, in Philadelphia, PA ,and passed away on the 30 December, 1972, in San Diego.
Burial place : Fort Rosecrans National cemetery, San Diego, CA .
See the chapter of this blog concerning John B Carroll Sr & Mary Hansen ( click on the link)
This includes photographs of my grandparents, including a very old one of John B. Sr and Edward his brother Edward when they were children.

3 Andrew Martin Carroll was born March 09, 1890, and died 1946.
He married Elsie (wife of Andrew Martin Carroll).

Children :

Andrew " Wimpy" Carroll.
Agnes Carroll

No biographical information is known .

4 Edward Patrick Carroll, Sr was born January 08, 1892 in Philadelphia, PA, and died July 01, 1957 in Paramus, NJ. He married Anna Marie "Mary" DeBow February 01, 1915 in St. Boniface R.C. Church, Phila, PA; by Rev. John Haff, daughter of Samuel DeBow and Annie Muller. She was born November 04, 1894 in Philaelphia, PA, and died December 21, 1990 in Meadowbrook, PA.

Notes for Edward Patrick Carroll, Sr:
Edward P. Carroll, Sr. was a hard working Railroad Brakeman who had to struggle just to make
ends meet. He was an idealist, firm and strong of conviction with great confidence and love for his country. As President of the Local Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen he went on strike against the railroads and because he would not sacrifice principle he never went back. In various jobs he struggled to make a meager living. He became a Magistrates Clerk, a Delegate to the Democratic Convention in Chicago for Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1931. Worked in the Auditor Generals Office and ran unsuccessfully for Congress in 1920. In 1941 he suffered a heart attack, recovered and later a victim of Parkinson's Disease forcing him into retirement. He died in the home of his daughter, Mary Carroll Maloney, in Paramus, NJ on July 1, 1957.
More About Edward Patrick Carroll, Sr:

Baptism: January 17, 1892, Visitation B.V.M. Church, Phila, Pa
Burial: Our Lady of Grace Cemetery, New Jersey
Medical Information: Survived a heart attack in 1941. Victim of Parkinson's Disease.
Residence: 1916 Waterloo St., Phila, Pa
Social Security Number: 172-22-8151

Notes for Anna Marie "Mary" DeBow:
Mary, as she was known to everyone, was quiet, warm and loving with an inner strength that belied her gentle manner. When things went wrong (as they frequently did) she seemed to exude a positive attitude that quieted the doubts and fears that were part of our lives. She was the ship's rudder, the bulwark of peaceful solutions to stressful times. She cared, she loved and she held a family close to her heart. The title that best fit her and one she wore proudly was, Mother. She spent the last 15 years of her life in St. Joseph's Manor, Meadowbrook, where she died December 21, 1990.

More About Anna Marie "Mary" DeBow:
Baptism: November 18, 1894, St. Boniface R. C Church
Baptism Sponsors: Francis Wright & Martha Vandesleis
Burial: Our Lady of Grace Cemetery
Social Security Number: 137-32-7460
More About Edward Carroll and Anna DeBow:
Marriage: February 01, 1915, St. Boniface R.C. Church, Phila, PA; by Rev. John Haff
Witnesses: John W. DeBow & Elizabeth DeBow

3 children were born from this union:

John JosephCarroll
Edward P. Carroll, Jr
Mary Irene Carroll

My note: I already published in this blog, the obituary of Edward P Carroll Sr. ( click on the link).
No further information will be published to protect the privacy of these descendants and their families.

If any reader recognizes kin among the descendnats of Andrew Carroll and Catherine Burke, please contact me at :

I would be more than happy to help you .

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