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Biographical info on the children/ grandchildren of Andrew Carroll & Catherine Burke

Here is some biographical information and anecdotes about Andrew & Catherine's children or grandchildren. Here are those that cousin Gerry passed me :

1- Patrick Carroll :
Occupation: 1870, Slate picker
Residence: 1880, West Street,Shanandoah, PA

Notes for Andrew "Drew" Carroll ( Patrick's second son) :
He was a Member of the Annunciation Parish. His only survivor at the time of his death was his Aunt, Elizabeth O'Hara, who lived in Philadelphia.
Army papers for Drew Carroll, dated 1905, indicated he served 2 hitches in the Army and was discharged due to a disability not incurred in the line of duty. His left leg was amputated above
the knee due to a gun shot wound. he received the wound while feloniously trespassing on the premises of a civilian. "The soldier admits that he was off the reservation and in pursuit of a
chicken on a neighboring farm when he was shot." (Source Lorraine & Bob Carroll)
More About Andrew "Drew" Carroll:
Fact: Unmarried
Military service: Spanish American War Veteran
Residence: 104 E. Center St., Shanandoah, Pa

2 James J. Carroll:
Occupation: 1870, Miner
James Carroll (Big Jim) was very pro-Molly Maguire, though he constantly referred to them as The 3 July 29, 2007 Knights of labor and the Ancient Order of Hibernians. it is said he would not set foot in a Catholic church from the time of the hangings in 1877 until he made "His peace with God" a few years before his death in 1939. It is also said that he carried a gun to his death bed "to kill Jimmie McParland" the Pinkerton Detective who infiltrated the Mollies resulting in the hangings. The priest refused Absolution until he gave up the gun and Repented (Source John J. Carroll-1916) The family also walked from
Shanandoah, PA, to Chicago, Ill. where they settled.

3 John Joseph Carroll
John Joseph Carroll was born August 15, 1861 in Pennsylvania, and died March
21, 1914 in Philadelphia, PA. He married Jeanette "Jenny" McEntee June 10, 1886 in Philadelphia, PA, daughter of Patrick McEntee and Catherine McEntee). She was born May 02, 1862 in Pennsylvania, and died July 10, 1936 in Philadelphia, PA.

Notes for John Joseph Carroll:

John Joseph Carroll was the third son of Andrew and Catherine Burke Carroll. Listed as a laborer in the 1880 census at age 19 still living at home in Shenandoah, Pa Unable to determine when he moved to Philadelphia, Pa. the marriage license for his marriage to Jeanette McEntee is dated June 10, 1886, making him 25 and she 24. His listed occupation was Machinist and they lived at 1916 Waterloo St until he died of Miners' Asthma in 1914. he was a gifted musician and organist and no doubt served a hard apprenticeship in the mines before moving to Philadelphia. He died at the age of 53.
According to the 1990 Census, Series 623, Roll 1460 Book 2 page 53, he had been married to
Jennie for 14 years. His birth date is noted as June 1861, his occupation says "P.R.R. (PA Railroad?), rented a house at 1935 .. Waterloo in Philadelphia's 19th Ward. Three sons were living there with them at the time of the census...John - April 1887, 13 years, single, occupation ?; Andrew Nov. 1890, 9 years, single, at school; and Edward, Dec. 1892, 8 years, single, no occupation.

More About John Joseph Carroll:
Burial: Holy Sepulchre Cemetery
Cause of Death: Miners' Asthma
Occupation: 1880, Laborer
Residence: 1880, Shenandoah, PA

Notes for Jeanette "Jenny" McEntee:
One of 24 children about whom we have learned little. Daughter of Patrick and Catharine McEntee who probably lived on Palethorpe St., Phila, Pa. Of all the children only the following have been identified: Agnes, Francis, Anthony and a sister who was a nun, Sister Obdulia, and a brother who became a Lay Brother, Sixtus. The 1891 Philadelphia Register also shows an Edward McEntee living at 2224 Mutter St., Philadelphia (probably a brother).
She was always known as "Jenny". Her father and mother lived in the vicinity of 2nd and Norris
Sts. (2022 Palethorpe) until about 1890. He does not appear in the 1892 City Register so it is likely he died in 1891.
According to the 1900 Census "Jennie" lived with her husband and 3 sons, John, Andrew, and
Edward at 1935 ... Waterloo St., Philadelphia, in the 19th Ward. She was 37years old at the time of the census and had been married 14 years. It noted that she gave birth to 3 children and 3 were living.

More About Jeanette "Jenny" McEntee:
Burial: Holy Sepulchre Cemetery

4 Mary Ann Carroll
No biographical information.
Occupation: Tailor
Married to Thomas McAndrews:
Occupation: 1880, Tailor

5 Thomas Carroll :
Occupation: 1880, Slate Picker in mines

6 Martin Carroll :
Occupation: 1880, Slate Picker

7 Elizabeth Carroll :
No biographical information available.

8 Catherine Carroll :
No biographical information available .

I will conclude the Carroll family notes tomorrow. Through the biographies of the daughter and the sons of John Joseph Carroll and Jeannette "Jennie" McEntee: Agnes, John Bernard Sr., Edward Patrick Sr. and Andrew Martin Carroll .

I also put out a call to anyone who may descend from the other branches, and who would have information, stories, photos, or the like, to share with their cousins. I salute Mike O'Hara, who I was able to contact yesterday. He descends from Elizabeth Carroll. Welcome back to the clan, Mike !

Have a nice day, and see you again very soon.

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