Thursday, August 30, 2007

James J Carroll tavern

This is a photo of the tavern that was owned by James J. Carroll, Andrew Carroll's brother.

My cousin Gerry once again provided me with another fascinating old photo . Thank you again, cousin ! This is what she had to say about the tavern in her e-mail :

" I also attached a copy of a tavern owned by James J. Carroll in Tamaqua, PA. Circa 1860-70. This tavern was supposedly owned by Andrew's brother James. There was a James Carroll hung with the Molly Maguires, who owned a tavern where the Mollys met. Could it be? My Dad and uncle went up there trying to find out if it was a relative, but ran into dead ends since most of the records were destroyed ".

I promised myself to purchase a book about the Molly McGuires, and to learn something about this period. I'am just learning about this secret order of Irishmen. Here is a Wikipedia article about the MollyMcGuires to fill you in . It gives History a special dimension when you learn that your own family was involved in one way or another.

Have a nice day.

Sources in Kilkenny County, Ireland

I might be slightly ahead of myself, but I have been searching for resources for the Irish county where Andrew Carroll was born.
I was able to find two excellent sources that I want to share with everyone.

First, coming from rootsweb is County Kilkenny Ireland Genealogy and History . This site is a volunteer operated website with a variety of sources on each county. Click for example, on the Kilkenny records subjects, and you will find a long listing for all types of records. There is also a Maps of County Index. That is very handy for those researching from outside of Ireland.
I highly reccomend this website as a key reference for your research.

Then, there is a second website about Kilkenny that I liked.The newspaper The Irish Times has a genealogy section in it's online home. I already think that it is an excellent initiative to have a genealogy section on a national newspaper. This is the first time that I have seen one ! There is the link to Kilkenny Local History . On the left hand side, is a selection of topics you can browse ( Census, local journals,directories, etc).By clicking on the topic "Catholic records", you arrive at a map showing each parish in the county. Click next on the parish that interests you; I did of course, Kilkenny City parishes Scroll down to find a neatly presented table that has the starting and ending dates of the records, and where you can find them.

What always interests me is the oldest date. If Andrew Carroll's parents were also Kilkenny city natives, I cannot go no further than 1768. The oldest parts of the birth,marriage and death registers begins in 1768.
We have a date of baptism for Andrew Carroll on 5/31/1817 in St. Canice's R.C Church Dean St., Kilkenny, Ireland, Diocese of Ossary. We will very likely find Andrew's baptismal record on the microfilm, and with some luck, find his parent's marriage in the same parish. Like most genealogists, I hope to go as far as the existing records may allow me to do.

My greatest wish is to one day, do my first trip to Ireland. I have the option of researching in any of the numerous LDS (Later Day Saints) genealogy centers, or to go to the National Archives in Dublin, to examine the microfilm of Saint Canice parish.

Have a great day and Happy hunting !

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Photos of John B Carroll Sr and family

Cousin Gerry and her Uncle, Edward Carroll Jr. have downloaded more old photos. Edward Jr. has been a big help finding these precious photos at home. Thank you to you both for sharing; it does mean a lot to me.

My grandfather, John Bernard Carroll Sr.( last man on the right) with the De Bow brothers. These are the brothers of Mary De Bow, his brother Edward's wife.

Elsie, Andrew "Wimpy" Carroll, and John Bernard Carroll. Andrew was the son of Grandfather's brother Andrew Martin Carroll, and Elsie, Andrew's wife.

Edward Patrick Carroll Sr. (1892-1957) with his brother, John Bernard Carroll Sr.(1888-1962). Edward was my cousin Gerry's grandfather.

My Grandfather, John Bernard Carroll Sr. as a young sailor.

Wishing everyone a nice day, and see you again soon.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Recent family portraits

The children of Edward P Carroll and Mary De Bow
Photo taken in 2005.
Left to right : Mary Irene,John Joseph and Edward Patrick Jr. They are the niece & nephews of my Grandfather, John Bernard Carroll, Sr.

Cousin Gerry next to her Dad, John Joseph Carroll .

Some of the Carrolls at Gerry's house at Christmas 2005 - Shawn and Lora Crowley; Kevin, Arin & Colin Crowley, Bill (Gerry's husband), John J. Carroll (1916) my dad; Gerry ; Brian, Erica and Neala Carroll; Michael & Erica Carroll

Wedding portrait of Michael Carroll and his wife Bridget. Michael is the son of John Patrick Carroll, Gerry's brother.On both sides (in red), are Micheal's brothers ;Bob (left) and Brian. In the middle is Lynn, John Patrick's wife, and Mom to Bob.

This includes , Kevin Crowley ( Gerry's son),his son, Colin,John Joseph Carroll and daughter, Gerry.

Shawn Crowley, Gerry's son, wife Lora and daughter Cameron, born in 2007 .

Kevin Crowley, and Rian his daughter born in 2007

I welcome my new found cousins who may be viewing their portraits ! It was through Gerry that I was able to put the all information and images on line. She was really so much help , and I thank her again !
Then, there was a very big hearted genealogist named Rita who got the ball rolling. It was her that researched after seeing the obit that I put on the blog for Edward Patrick Sr. She found cousin Mary, and was able to provide a phone number and postal address.You also, threw me the ball. And boy, did I run afterwards !
Thank you so much Rita.
Have a nice day and see you all very soon.

Friday, August 17, 2007

The family of Edward Patrick Carroll Sr.

These are portraits of my Grandfather's younger brother, Edward Patrick Sr.Thanks once again to cousin Gerry for these precious photo memories.

Edward P Carroll Sr.,John Joseph,Edward P.Jr.,Mary De Bow and Mary Irene .They are on the steps of the home that they rented in Philadelphia.

The children of Edward Patrick Carroll and Mary De Bow :
Edward P Jr.,Mary Irene and John Joseph, cousin Gerry's father.

Edward P Sr. and Mary De Bow .

Portrait of Edward P Sr.

Taken in 1943, at the time he ran( unsucessfully ) for Philadelphia City Council.

Edward P Sr. and wife Mary De Bow

Informal portrait taken in 1943 .

John Joseph Carroll

High school graduation photo of Cousin Gerry's father from 1938.

John Joseph Carroll in 1943 .

Have an excellent weekend and see you soon.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Portraits of John Joseph Carroll and Jennie McEntee

Here are two more family portraits that come from cousin Gerry's family:

John Joseph Carroll ( 1861- 1914 )

Jennie McEntee, ( 1862- 1936 ), as an elder.

There is a second photo on the blog entitled Photo of Grandmother Carroll . Click on the link to see it.My cousin Gerry confirmed that it was indeed Jenny in that photo..

Their descendants currently exist on 3 branches :

1) John Bernard Sr ( March 24, 1888, Phila-August 3, 1962, San Diego,CA); married to Mary Agnes Hansen .
John Joseph (1920-1999)- 3 living children.

Virginia Rose (1922-2006) - 4 living children + descendants.

This is the blog author's branch.

2) Andrew Martin ( March 9, 1890, Phila.-1946 ), married to Elsie.


Andrew " Wimpy "


The descendants of these children are not known.

3) Edward Patrick Sr, ( Jan 8, 1892, Phila. - July 1, 1957, Paramus,NJ). married to Mary De Bow.
Children :
John Joseph
Edward Patrick Jr.
Mary Irene

Edward Sr's family includes many living descendants in several East Coast states. This is my cousin Gerry's branch.

John and Jenny also had two other children who died at a young age; Agnes who died the 22 Dec 1891 at 3 years, and William who died the 3 June 1898 at 4 years.

Have a nice day and see you all soon.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Portraits of the Carroll children

Here are some beautiful portraits of the children of Andrew Carroll and Catherine Burke.
Many Thanks once again to cousin Gerry.

James J. ( "Big Jim " ) Carroll ( 1858-1939), of Molly McGuire fame.

Mary ( 1862-1931) & Catherine Carroll(1876-1925)

Thomas Carroll ( 1865- ?)

Martin Carroll ( 1868-1940 )

Elizabeth Carroll ( 1869-1960)

Have a nice weekend, and see you all very soon.

Correcting an error

I would like to Thank Dave for e-mailing me about an error in one of the texts that I recently printed.My cousin had already warned me, but in all my excitement, I neglected to change it !

Here is the link to the page for Andrew Carroll and Catherine Burke

Originally it was printed :

" Catherine Burke, his wife, was seventeen years younger and there is nothing to show if they came to America together or if her family followed later based upon the birth date of their first son, Patrick in 1855 probably in Tamaqua, PA (now called Jim Thorpe, PA) St. Jerome's."
The original text sent by my cousin Gerry, had the wording Jim Thorpe, that Gerry admitted was an error.

I have fully corrected this portion. Tamaqua is not the same city as Jim Thorpe.
I just wanted to bring it to your attention. I'am sorry if this may have caused some confusion.

Thank you again Dave.

Have a nice day.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Portraits of Andrew Carroll & Catherine Burke

I wish to thank cousin Gerry for sharing these family portraits. It means very much to me able to see the faces of our ancestors. They are precious reminders of our past that Gerry's family had kept throughout the years.

Early photo of Andrew Carroll

Andrew Carroll as an older man.

I'am really struck how much the older Andrew looks like my Dad in his last years.

Catherine Burke, wife of Andrew Carroll

Catherine reminds me of my Aunt Virginia, and my cousin Peg .

Gerry sent several other photos this morning. I will download a few tomorrow.This will thrill my cousins and will excite all those who are a part of our clan.

Have a great day and see you all tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A biography about John B Carroll Sr.

John Bernard Carroll Sr, was born on 24 March, 1887 in Philadelphia, PA .

The only thing I recall my father saying about grandfather's childhood, was that the family was poor. Which ultimately led the young John Bernard at 16 to enroll in the U.S. Navy. He had submitted a false birthdate at the time of enrollment ! That enrollment may have have taken place towards 1903 or 1904.
John Bernard, being the eldest son, had taken upon the role of the breadwinner of the Carroll family . This fact had always made me assume that his father, John Joseph was already deceased. ( I only knew through his son’s marriage certificate , that he was deceased before 1919 ). But, he may have been already weakened by his Miner’s asthma, and was unable to assume his job at the Pennsylvania Railroad.

Before the advent of Social Security, this meant being dependant on family for one’s basic needs.
I do not have written records of our grandfather's career, but he had done is entire working life in the U.S. Navy. The 1910 U.S. Census taken in Boston MA, lists him as a crew member of the U.S. Missouri .My father told me how Grandfather participated duting WW1 .During the war, he was on a hospital ship that transported the wounded going from NY Naval base to Brest, France and back. I had even found in an old book at my Mom's house, a ticket stub for a boat passage dating from 1919, in Saint Nazaire, France . Grandfather may have still been in Europe following the end of WW1 .

I had not found a 1920 Census for the family, but the 1930 U.S. Census finds the whole family in Norfolk, VA, where Grandad was based at the Norfolk Naval base.
Our grandfather was also stationed at Honolulu ( where my aunt Virginia was born in 1922), and Great Lakes, IL .Grandfather had also served on the U.S. Arizona before WWII, which is proved by several letters that still. exist in the family.

An anecdote that was told by my father, John B Jr., was that as a young child, his father took him inside a ship ( I don’t remember in which naval yard). My father recalled seeing a furnace, and in front, several men shoveling in tons of coal. My Grandfather said “ look carefully at what you are seeing; this will be that last coal burner in the U.S. fleet “. My father seems to have marked the moment as a turning point between the old and the new U.S Navy.

One exciting event came to Grandfather through the National Geographic society. My grandfather's ship helped an expedition to study seabirds in the 1920's. I do not have the exact year in my memory. At my mother's home in Hawaii , is the copy that my Grandmother kept( Grandfather is seen in a photo throwing food to the birds !).

The character traits that come out through my father's stories are of a man of endless good humor. He loved to joke and laugh. One of the stories that my father told me is forever etched in my memory: During a passage in the Mediterranean sea ( near Palestine), my grandfather was approached by a street peddler. The man was very ambitious; he proposed to sell to Grandfather a piece of dung that dated from " the time of Jesus Christ". This amused my Grandfather so much, that he actually bought one ! Unfortunately, the "relic" burned in a ship’s fire .
It was told to me that My Grandfather and my Grandmother, Mary Agnes Hansen, were neighbors. She was born on 20 January, 1891, in Philadelphia, PA . Mary lived at 2512 Coral Street. She was the daughter of Christian Hansen, a railroader and Catherine Morris, who was born in Ireland. John and Mary were married the 28 October, 1919, in Philadelphia. At the time of our grandparent’s marriage, John Sr. was stationed in Norfolk Naval base, in VA .
John may have had a positive influence on Mary Agnes' family, becuase Mary's brother, William Hansen, also enrolled in the U.S. Navy. But, he did not make a career there. William died on the 3 January, 1930, Philadelphia.
Like her husband, Mary was hard working and entirely devoted to the family. Mary had a more reserved character than her husband, which could be seen as austere. Religion played an important part in Mary’s life, and she was a devout Roman Catholic.She loved playing the piano, especially many of the popular tunes of the day. She also enjoyed to collecting beautiful objects, such as porcelain, figurines and glassware.

Children: John Joseph( a.k.a John Bernard Jr. ) , born in 1920 ( deceased in 1999), Virginia Rose, born in 1922 ( decased in 2006).

The family had moved several times during John Sr's career, to end at San Diego, in the 1930's. This is where the family settled in and where my Dad and his sister finished their schooling.Grandfather served his entire career in the U.S. Navy.He was stationed as U.S Naval station in Coronado Bay, San Diego, before finally retiring from the U.S. Navy .

My grandparents had the joy to watch their daughter Virginia marry Donald F. Jefferds. Then came their first 4 grandchildren: William,(Bill),Kathy,Peg and Patsy, who they doted on with endless love. Grandfather was known as “Grossy” by his grandchildren ( a variation on a German name for Grandfather ), and Grandmother was "Nan Nan ".

Then in the late 50’s, son John Jr. married Kazuko Suzuki, in Japan.My parents settled in San Diego soon after. Unfortunately, it was not my destiny to know my grandfather. But,I had the joy to be with my grandmother at least twice since my parents left San Diego.

The 3 August, 1962, John passed away in San Diego. As for Mary, she passed on the 30 December, 1972 .Both rest at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery in San Diego, CA.

Since the passing of my Aunt Virginia in 2006, many photos and mementos have been revealed to the family. There were also many objects of our Grandmother that have been shared among the children and grandchildren. These include many of Grandmother’s cherished porcelain plates( I have 2 of them), and beautiful sheet music ( of which I have several copies).

Friday, August 3, 2007

The children of John Joseph Carroll and Jennie McEntee

I'am continuing with the biographies of the Carroll family.
This time concerning the children of John Joseph Carroll and Jeannette "Jennie" McEntee.
I will add my biography about my grand father, John Bernard Carroll Sr. next week.

Once again, notes courtesy of cousin Gerry and her family.

The children of John Joseph Carroll & Jeanette "Jennie" McEntee :

1 Agnes Carroll . Birthdate unknown( probably towards1889).
This child died at age 3 on the 22 December,1891, and was buried the following day at New Cathedral Cemetery.
2) William Carroll. Born towards 1894;
This child died on 3 June,1898, at age age 4. He was also buried at New Cathedral Cemetery.

2 John Bernard Carroll, Sr. was born March 24,, 1888 in Philadelphia, Pa, and died August 03, 1962 in SanDiego, CA. He married Mary Agnes Hansen October 28, 1919. Mary was born 20 January, 1891, in Philadelphia, PA ,and passed away on the 30 December, 1972, in San Diego.
Burial place : Fort Rosecrans National cemetery, San Diego, CA .
See the chapter of this blog concerning John B Carroll Sr & Mary Hansen ( click on the link)
This includes photographs of my grandparents, including a very old one of John B. Sr and Edward his brother Edward when they were children.

3 Andrew Martin Carroll was born March 09, 1890, and died 1946.
He married Elsie (wife of Andrew Martin Carroll).

Children :

Andrew " Wimpy" Carroll.
Agnes Carroll

No biographical information is known .

4 Edward Patrick Carroll, Sr was born January 08, 1892 in Philadelphia, PA, and died July 01, 1957 in Paramus, NJ. He married Anna Marie "Mary" DeBow February 01, 1915 in St. Boniface R.C. Church, Phila, PA; by Rev. John Haff, daughter of Samuel DeBow and Annie Muller. She was born November 04, 1894 in Philaelphia, PA, and died December 21, 1990 in Meadowbrook, PA.

Notes for Edward Patrick Carroll, Sr:
Edward P. Carroll, Sr. was a hard working Railroad Brakeman who had to struggle just to make
ends meet. He was an idealist, firm and strong of conviction with great confidence and love for his country. As President of the Local Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen he went on strike against the railroads and because he would not sacrifice principle he never went back. In various jobs he struggled to make a meager living. He became a Magistrates Clerk, a Delegate to the Democratic Convention in Chicago for Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1931. Worked in the Auditor Generals Office and ran unsuccessfully for Congress in 1920. In 1941 he suffered a heart attack, recovered and later a victim of Parkinson's Disease forcing him into retirement. He died in the home of his daughter, Mary Carroll Maloney, in Paramus, NJ on July 1, 1957.
More About Edward Patrick Carroll, Sr:

Baptism: January 17, 1892, Visitation B.V.M. Church, Phila, Pa
Burial: Our Lady of Grace Cemetery, New Jersey
Medical Information: Survived a heart attack in 1941. Victim of Parkinson's Disease.
Residence: 1916 Waterloo St., Phila, Pa
Social Security Number: 172-22-8151

Notes for Anna Marie "Mary" DeBow:
Mary, as she was known to everyone, was quiet, warm and loving with an inner strength that belied her gentle manner. When things went wrong (as they frequently did) she seemed to exude a positive attitude that quieted the doubts and fears that were part of our lives. She was the ship's rudder, the bulwark of peaceful solutions to stressful times. She cared, she loved and she held a family close to her heart. The title that best fit her and one she wore proudly was, Mother. She spent the last 15 years of her life in St. Joseph's Manor, Meadowbrook, where she died December 21, 1990.

More About Anna Marie "Mary" DeBow:
Baptism: November 18, 1894, St. Boniface R. C Church
Baptism Sponsors: Francis Wright & Martha Vandesleis
Burial: Our Lady of Grace Cemetery
Social Security Number: 137-32-7460
More About Edward Carroll and Anna DeBow:
Marriage: February 01, 1915, St. Boniface R.C. Church, Phila, PA; by Rev. John Haff
Witnesses: John W. DeBow & Elizabeth DeBow

3 children were born from this union:

John JosephCarroll
Edward P. Carroll, Jr
Mary Irene Carroll

My note: I already published in this blog, the obituary of Edward P Carroll Sr. ( click on the link).
No further information will be published to protect the privacy of these descendants and their families.

If any reader recognizes kin among the descendnats of Andrew Carroll and Catherine Burke, please contact me at :

I would be more than happy to help you .

Have a great weekend and see you next week.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Biographical info on the children/ grandchildren of Andrew Carroll & Catherine Burke

Here is some biographical information and anecdotes about Andrew & Catherine's children or grandchildren. Here are those that cousin Gerry passed me :

1- Patrick Carroll :
Occupation: 1870, Slate picker
Residence: 1880, West Street,Shanandoah, PA

Notes for Andrew "Drew" Carroll ( Patrick's second son) :
He was a Member of the Annunciation Parish. His only survivor at the time of his death was his Aunt, Elizabeth O'Hara, who lived in Philadelphia.
Army papers for Drew Carroll, dated 1905, indicated he served 2 hitches in the Army and was discharged due to a disability not incurred in the line of duty. His left leg was amputated above
the knee due to a gun shot wound. he received the wound while feloniously trespassing on the premises of a civilian. "The soldier admits that he was off the reservation and in pursuit of a
chicken on a neighboring farm when he was shot." (Source Lorraine & Bob Carroll)
More About Andrew "Drew" Carroll:
Fact: Unmarried
Military service: Spanish American War Veteran
Residence: 104 E. Center St., Shanandoah, Pa

2 James J. Carroll:
Occupation: 1870, Miner
James Carroll (Big Jim) was very pro-Molly Maguire, though he constantly referred to them as The 3 July 29, 2007 Knights of labor and the Ancient Order of Hibernians. it is said he would not set foot in a Catholic church from the time of the hangings in 1877 until he made "His peace with God" a few years before his death in 1939. It is also said that he carried a gun to his death bed "to kill Jimmie McParland" the Pinkerton Detective who infiltrated the Mollies resulting in the hangings. The priest refused Absolution until he gave up the gun and Repented (Source John J. Carroll-1916) The family also walked from
Shanandoah, PA, to Chicago, Ill. where they settled.

3 John Joseph Carroll
John Joseph Carroll was born August 15, 1861 in Pennsylvania, and died March
21, 1914 in Philadelphia, PA. He married Jeanette "Jenny" McEntee June 10, 1886 in Philadelphia, PA, daughter of Patrick McEntee and Catherine McEntee). She was born May 02, 1862 in Pennsylvania, and died July 10, 1936 in Philadelphia, PA.

Notes for John Joseph Carroll:

John Joseph Carroll was the third son of Andrew and Catherine Burke Carroll. Listed as a laborer in the 1880 census at age 19 still living at home in Shenandoah, Pa Unable to determine when he moved to Philadelphia, Pa. the marriage license for his marriage to Jeanette McEntee is dated June 10, 1886, making him 25 and she 24. His listed occupation was Machinist and they lived at 1916 Waterloo St until he died of Miners' Asthma in 1914. he was a gifted musician and organist and no doubt served a hard apprenticeship in the mines before moving to Philadelphia. He died at the age of 53.
According to the 1990 Census, Series 623, Roll 1460 Book 2 page 53, he had been married to
Jennie for 14 years. His birth date is noted as June 1861, his occupation says "P.R.R. (PA Railroad?), rented a house at 1935 .. Waterloo in Philadelphia's 19th Ward. Three sons were living there with them at the time of the census...John - April 1887, 13 years, single, occupation ?; Andrew Nov. 1890, 9 years, single, at school; and Edward, Dec. 1892, 8 years, single, no occupation.

More About John Joseph Carroll:
Burial: Holy Sepulchre Cemetery
Cause of Death: Miners' Asthma
Occupation: 1880, Laborer
Residence: 1880, Shenandoah, PA

Notes for Jeanette "Jenny" McEntee:
One of 24 children about whom we have learned little. Daughter of Patrick and Catharine McEntee who probably lived on Palethorpe St., Phila, Pa. Of all the children only the following have been identified: Agnes, Francis, Anthony and a sister who was a nun, Sister Obdulia, and a brother who became a Lay Brother, Sixtus. The 1891 Philadelphia Register also shows an Edward McEntee living at 2224 Mutter St., Philadelphia (probably a brother).
She was always known as "Jenny". Her father and mother lived in the vicinity of 2nd and Norris
Sts. (2022 Palethorpe) until about 1890. He does not appear in the 1892 City Register so it is likely he died in 1891.
According to the 1900 Census "Jennie" lived with her husband and 3 sons, John, Andrew, and
Edward at 1935 ... Waterloo St., Philadelphia, in the 19th Ward. She was 37years old at the time of the census and had been married 14 years. It noted that she gave birth to 3 children and 3 were living.

More About Jeanette "Jenny" McEntee:
Burial: Holy Sepulchre Cemetery

4 Mary Ann Carroll
No biographical information.
Occupation: Tailor
Married to Thomas McAndrews:
Occupation: 1880, Tailor

5 Thomas Carroll :
Occupation: 1880, Slate Picker in mines

6 Martin Carroll :
Occupation: 1880, Slate Picker

7 Elizabeth Carroll :
No biographical information available.

8 Catherine Carroll :
No biographical information available .

I will conclude the Carroll family notes tomorrow. Through the biographies of the daughter and the sons of John Joseph Carroll and Jeannette "Jennie" McEntee: Agnes, John Bernard Sr., Edward Patrick Sr. and Andrew Martin Carroll .

I also put out a call to anyone who may descend from the other branches, and who would have information, stories, photos, or the like, to share with their cousins. I salute Mike O'Hara, who I was able to contact yesterday. He descends from Elizabeth Carroll. Welcome back to the clan, Mike !

Have a nice day, and see you again very soon.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The children of Andrew Carroll and Catherine Burke

This is more of the genalogy information provided by my cousin Gerry.

She was able to fill me in with extensive information on each of the children, and their own familes.
Not being in contact with the other branches of the family, I have decided to not publish the complete dates ( in case a family member may object to seeing these dates on line). Please e-mail me if you wish further information on a particular family.

1 Name: Patrick Carroll
Born: 1855
Died: Unknown
Spouse: Julia Walsh
Children :
Emmett Carroll, died Unknown.
Andrew "Drew" Carroll, born 1880; died 1959.

2 Name: James J. Carroll
Born: 1858
Died: 1939 in: Chicago, IL
Spouse: Jennie (wife of James Carroll)
Children :

Andrew Carroll.
Jean Carroll.
Robert Carroll.

3 Name: John Joseph Carroll
Born: August 15, 1861 in: Pennsylvania
Died: March 21, 1914 in: Philadelphia, PA
Married: June 10, 1886 in: Philadelphia, PA
Spouse: Jeanette "Jenny" McEntee
( Barbara's note: This is my branch as well as the branch of my cousins in California and of those in PA ,NJ ,and FL).
Agnes Carroll. Married to Charles Grieb Sr.
William Carroll
John Bernard Carroll, Sr., born March 24, 1888 in Philadelphia, Pa; died August 03, 1962 in
SanDiego, CA.( Barbara's note : My grandfather) . married to Mary Agnes Hansen.
Andrew Martin Carroll, born March 09, 1890; died 1946. Married to Elsie .
Edward Patrick Carroll, Sr, born January 08, 1892 in Philadelphia, PA; died July 01, 1957 in
Paramus, NJ. Married to Mary De Bow .

4 Name: Mary Ann Carroll
Born: 1862
Died: 1931
Spouse: Thomas McAndrews
( Descendants unknown )

5 Name: Thomas Carroll
Born: 1865
Died: Unknown
( Possibly single)

6 Name: Martin Carroll
Born: 1868 in: Lost Creek, PA
Died: 1940
Spouse: Ellen Conroy
Children :

Martin Carroll, born 1890 in Philadelphia, Pa; died 1910.
James Patrick Carroll, 1893; died 1985. He married Josephine Kouba .
Marie Carroll, 1897; died 1993. She married Edward Finnegan.

7 Name: Elizabeth Carroll
Born: 1869
Died: 1960
Spouse: Hugh O'Hara
Children :

Madeline O'Hara, born 1895; died 1969.
Mary O'Hara, born 1896; died Unknown. She married William Doyle; died Unknown.
Michael O'Hara, born 1898; died 1963.
John O'Hara, born 1901; died 1962.
Thomas O'Hara, born 1905; died 1956.
Hugh O'Hara, Jr, born 1908; died Unknown.
Elizabeth O'Hara, born 1910; died 1972.

8 Name: Catherine Carroll
Born: 1876
Died: 1925 in: Chicago, IL
( Possibly single)

I will not publish any information concerning living family members to protect their privacy.

Tomorrow, I will include some of the biographical information that was included for a few of the children of Andrew and Catherine.

Have a nice day and see you soon.