Thursday, July 26, 2007

Summer link love -3

Here's another interesting link to discover in your summer browsing.

I found this one a few years back, when I was working on finding links to Irish in Philadelphia.This is a link that is much like an on-line bulletin for the Irish in the Philadelphia area.
Irish Philadelphia

If you live in the area and love Irish music,dance, sports or even a good brew at a real Irish pub, this is the place to start. And yes, when on the home page, you can find a genealogy section that includes a few articles.
Check out the first article on Castle Island. There is where the pre-Ellis island immigrants to the New York arrived.You can use the "search motor" to type in an ancestor's name and range of arrival years.
I couldn't resist typing in my own Andrew Carroll. I found close to 8 Andrew Carrolls for my given years.
Another link in that Genealogy section has a curious name "The Lazy Person's guide to genealogy". Inside, are a few Irish genealogy links that may be helpful to all who have an Irish surname.

Happy reading and see you soon with another link .

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