Saturday, July 14, 2007

Summer link love - 2

Here I'am continuing on with another interesting link for summer browsing.
We remain in the Philadelphia area with this link.

Temple State University has an excellent on line collection named the "Urban Archives".Since 1967, these archives have been documenting the social development of Philadelphia, from the mid-19th century to the present.
There are numerous photographic records that can be consulted on line.

How does it work ?
On the home page of the Urban Archives, ( click here), there is a red research button that is entitled :
Search a sample of images by keyword in digital diamond .

I type in for example : Kensington. This is the area where my grandparents lived .
The first entry has an incredible title " buying homes for $13.50" , that was dated from 1976. There is the photo with it's description.It is very simple and interesting.

Of course, you can type in a family name and even a street name. It is interesting to note that there are pictures of houses. I tried several of our family addresses. I did not fall upon anything for my family, but it was still very interesting.

I could spend hours here browsing ...

This is a fun and simple link to pass the time on the internet.

Have a great weekend.

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