Friday, July 20, 2007

One big happy family

I'am am a regular of Google, which I use to try and locate other Carroll websites . Recently, I typed in my usual request, and came out with a delightful find...

There was a website named Carroll family reunion.

And there I found a Carroll family who every 5 years, holds a family reunion for it's members.
My husband said " go and see if you can join ! ", thinking that it was for all Carrolls. I don't want to be a party crasher.This is for the descendants of James Carroll ( 1903, Ireland-1984, FL). He was the husband of Anna Moriarty(1909-1992).

There is no information on the names of James' parents in Ireland.

The editors of the Carroll reunion website, Dennis Mallon and his son, Greg, have a wonderful organization. I can only dream about our Carroll family having a similar structure !

Click on the label " ancestry photos" ( on the left), to discover genealogy information,photos and letters.There is also a slew of reunion photos, which can be very useful for those who may have a link to this family.

I Thank Greg Mallon for his warm response to my e-mail, and for putting me on your e-mail list.

I'am wishing you continued success with your organization. Your family members are always welcome to stop by my blog.

Have a nice weekend.

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