Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Just passing on some news...

I have recently heard from Greg Mallon, of the Carroll reunion website ( see following post).
Greg had some wonderful news to pass on . A fellow genealogist named Miriam Carroll was able to provide the names of his grandfather's parents, and their places of birth in Ireland.

Here is the link to James Carroll's ancestry page on the Carroll reunion website.

Greg Mallon's great-grandparents are named James Carroll and Alice Reardon. James was born in Kilmallock, Ireland and his wife Alice was born in Bottomstown, Ireland.
Complete information on this couple and their children can be found on the link.

I can only hope to one day know the parish name in Ireland, of our Carroll ancestor, Andrew Carroll.
Greg, now that you and your family know your ancestral parish, I can only wish for you to make the trip over to Ireland. That's one of my goals ( and I don't live far away; France is only a 1 hour flight from Dublin !).
But until I know where we come from, I'll will keep on searching and scratching...

It goes to show you the difference that one person can make. Hats off to Miriam Carroll !
I'll be back soon with another interesting link.

Take care & happy hunting.

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