Thursday, July 12, 2007

Dear cousin Mary...

Yesterday will come down as one of my "red letter " days in genealogy.
And it started from a simple e-mail...

A lady named Rita in NJ , had seen my post on Edward P Carroll's obit.Maybe something in that obit caught her eye, becuase she did her own investigation. She of course, saw that Mary lived at Paramus,NJ at the time of Edward P carroll's passing.
Rita found Mary , and contacted her. And, she hit upon THE right person !
I give her a lot of credit for finding her . I myself have not even tried the White Pages !

Rita gave me all the address and phone info, which enabled me last night to telephone my cousin Mary.

We had a wonderful conversation. We were each curious to know about each other's families.
Mary is my cousin ( I have to establish the degree), and my grandfather's niece. Mary does remember her Uncle , John Bernard Carroll Sr, and to a lesser degree, my Grandmother. She also remembers seeing my Dad in photographs.

I'am sure that my fellow genealalogists will understand the feeling that one has when you hit upon a big discovery. When you find that document that you have been searching for since ages, or discover a missing person,date or place, it is an incredible feeling. It's like New Year's Eve and Christmas rolled up in one package !

You feel so darn good !

So, I'am going to end this post, and shut my PC. Because my cousin is not an internet fan, and prefers a good old fashioned snail mail.

Thank you again, Rita, if you happen to be reading this. I'am so grateful to you. Come back soon, to see the further developments in our Carroll genealogy research.

Have a nice day.


Miriam said...

Congratulations, Barbara! Yes, it's always so nice to connect with another family member who is also tracing the family tree...especially if they have information that you don't have!

barbara said...

Hi Miriam,
Thank you !
I first give credit to Rita. I would have not known where to begin in the White Pages !
All began with an obit found in my late aunt's house. Can you imagine ?
That is one very important reason to save these important parts of a family's past.
I would have never known about my cousins,if Grandma or Aunt Virginia would have discarded the obit.
And now, my cousin Kathy is keeping all of these mementos for the future generations.

I'am just coming back "on earth" after all these events.

Have a nice day.