Monday, July 30, 2007

Andrew Carroll and Catherine Burke

This is from the family genealogy passed to me by cousin Gerry. I thank her for allowing me to print the following information. This information was originally researched by Gerry's father, John Joseph Carroll, and her uncle, Edward Patrick Carroll Jr.

Andrew Carroll was a school teacher in Kilkenny, Ireland, and possibly in Shenandoah, PA. He probably came to America at an early age and settled in Schuylkill County, PA. There is no concrete evidence of his time of arrival in the United States.
Catherine Burke, his wife, was seventeen years younger and there is nothing to show if they came to America together or if her family followed later based upon the birth date of their first son, Patrick in 1855 probably in Tamaqua, PA , St. Jerome's.

The 1880 census lists Andrew's age at 62 and that of Catherine as 45. They lived on Cherry Street (4th Ward).(reference National Archives Reel #1197 items 196-211, page 23 part 2) Records available at the Archives on Wissahickon Avenue.According to the Church of Latter Day Saints records: the 1880 US Census in Shenandoah, Schuylkill ,Pa. Library Film #1255192, NA Film Number T9-1192 page 26C...
Andrew was born in Ireland was 62 years, a retired miner,and his parents were born in Ireland. Cathrine, his wife, was born in Ireland, was 45 years, keeping house, both her parents were born in Ireland.

Son, James was 22, born in PA and was a miner; John Carroll ( Barbara's note : the common ancestor for our family)was born in PA, 19yrs and was a laborer; daughter, Mary Ann was 17 years, born in PA and was a Tailoress; Thomas, was 15 years old and Picking Slate (in the mines); Martin born in PA was 13 yrs and Picking Slate (in the mines); Elisabeth born in PA was 11 years old and at school; Cathrine was born in PA and 4 years old.

Andrew was baptized on 5/31/1817 in St. Canice's R.C. Church, Dean St., Kilkenny, Ireland, Diocese of Ossary.
He served as Sexton in the Church of the Annunciation, Shenandoah, PA, and according to some was buried in the Church Yard. However, a search of the church Records bore no fruit and when John J. Carroll (1916) and Edward P. Carroll (1918) visited the area they were unable to find his grave site.
The 1890 census was destroyed by fire and there is no record of the date of his death.

On the fifth day of March 1869, Andrew Carroll personally appeared before the Court of Common Pleas, held in Pottsville and before said Court, who upon his solemn Oath did depose and say, that he is a native of Ireland now residing in Schuylkill County, aged 52 years and that it was his bona fide intention to become a citizen of the United States and to renounce forever all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign Prince, Potentate, State and Sovereignty whatsoever and particularly to Victoria Queen of Great Britain and Ireland of whom he was before a subject.( Sealed March 5, 1869 )

Barbara's note : No one knows when Andrew passed away. Perhaps, we may have a clue in August, when Ms Kate Gibbons, a professional genealogist, will be able to do some work on our case.News will follow ...

Catherine Burke Carroll moved to Chicago, ILL, approx. 1899-1900. Family oral history has her living there for 3 years before her death on April 3, 1904. She was returned to Shenandoah for burial. She married Andrew Carroll probably in late 1853 or early 1854. There is no record of the marriage at the church of the Annunciation but the pastor in the 1970's told John J. Carroll (1916) that in the 1850's they probably had to go to Tamaqua,PA for weddings (unconfirmed).

I will continue tomorrow with the data concerning the children of Andrew and Catherine.
If there is anyone that might recognize an ancestor's name among the children's name, stand up and be counted among our Carroll kin !

Happy research to all and see you again very soon.

The Carroll saga continues...

The little picture on the sidebar is a clue that something different has been going on.To tell you the truth, I have just been swept off my feet...

After talking with my first cousin ( twice removed, please), Mary in NJ; , AND having a e-mail from her daughter, Mrs Mary R. , three days later, I woke up on a Saturday morning to find a beautiful e-mail and more... from Geraldine, known as Gerry, another of my cousins.. She is the daughter of John Joseph Carroll and lives outside of Philadelphia.

My eyes could not believe what they were reading; I was once again blessed to be in contact with kin.But, it was not over...

Gerry filled me in about the family's origins. Her Dad and her Uncle Edward P Carroll Jr. , had already done an extensive genealogy research on Andrew Carroll and his family ! There were even genealogy notes, now typed up in modern form, of which the bulk is still held by Edward P Carroll Jr ! Gerry was kind enought to send PDF copies of the major work. I have her OK to use the family's work.

Tomorrow, I will start an installment series on the important information in this report.
Well, I already clued you all off; our ancestral home is in Kilkenny Ireland.

It is good to be a part of the bigger Carroll family, and I pray that this is only the beginning. I thank my entire family for welcoming me, and my West Coast branch "back home". It means the world to me.

See you all tomorrow with the first installment.

Have a nice day.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Summer link love -3

Here's another interesting link to discover in your summer browsing.

I found this one a few years back, when I was working on finding links to Irish in Philadelphia.This is a link that is much like an on-line bulletin for the Irish in the Philadelphia area.
Irish Philadelphia

If you live in the area and love Irish music,dance, sports or even a good brew at a real Irish pub, this is the place to start. And yes, when on the home page, you can find a genealogy section that includes a few articles.
Check out the first article on Castle Island. There is where the pre-Ellis island immigrants to the New York arrived.You can use the "search motor" to type in an ancestor's name and range of arrival years.
I couldn't resist typing in my own Andrew Carroll. I found close to 8 Andrew Carrolls for my given years.
Another link in that Genealogy section has a curious name "The Lazy Person's guide to genealogy". Inside, are a few Irish genealogy links that may be helpful to all who have an Irish surname.

Happy reading and see you soon with another link .

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Just passing on some news...

I have recently heard from Greg Mallon, of the Carroll reunion website ( see following post).
Greg had some wonderful news to pass on . A fellow genealogist named Miriam Carroll was able to provide the names of his grandfather's parents, and their places of birth in Ireland.

Here is the link to James Carroll's ancestry page on the Carroll reunion website.

Greg Mallon's great-grandparents are named James Carroll and Alice Reardon. James was born in Kilmallock, Ireland and his wife Alice was born in Bottomstown, Ireland.
Complete information on this couple and their children can be found on the link.

I can only hope to one day know the parish name in Ireland, of our Carroll ancestor, Andrew Carroll.
Greg, now that you and your family know your ancestral parish, I can only wish for you to make the trip over to Ireland. That's one of my goals ( and I don't live far away; France is only a 1 hour flight from Dublin !).
But until I know where we come from, I'll will keep on searching and scratching...

It goes to show you the difference that one person can make. Hats off to Miriam Carroll !
I'll be back soon with another interesting link.

Take care & happy hunting.

Friday, July 20, 2007

One big happy family

I'am am a regular of Google, which I use to try and locate other Carroll websites . Recently, I typed in my usual request, and came out with a delightful find...

There was a website named Carroll family reunion.

And there I found a Carroll family who every 5 years, holds a family reunion for it's members.
My husband said " go and see if you can join ! ", thinking that it was for all Carrolls. I don't want to be a party crasher.This is for the descendants of James Carroll ( 1903, Ireland-1984, FL). He was the husband of Anna Moriarty(1909-1992).

There is no information on the names of James' parents in Ireland.

The editors of the Carroll reunion website, Dennis Mallon and his son, Greg, have a wonderful organization. I can only dream about our Carroll family having a similar structure !

Click on the label " ancestry photos" ( on the left), to discover genealogy information,photos and letters.There is also a slew of reunion photos, which can be very useful for those who may have a link to this family.

I Thank Greg Mallon for his warm response to my e-mail, and for putting me on your e-mail list.

I'am wishing you continued success with your organization. Your family members are always welcome to stop by my blog.

Have a nice weekend.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Summer link love - 2

Here I'am continuing on with another interesting link for summer browsing.
We remain in the Philadelphia area with this link.

Temple State University has an excellent on line collection named the "Urban Archives".Since 1967, these archives have been documenting the social development of Philadelphia, from the mid-19th century to the present.
There are numerous photographic records that can be consulted on line.

How does it work ?
On the home page of the Urban Archives, ( click here), there is a red research button that is entitled :
Search a sample of images by keyword in digital diamond .

I type in for example : Kensington. This is the area where my grandparents lived .
The first entry has an incredible title " buying homes for $13.50" , that was dated from 1976. There is the photo with it's description.It is very simple and interesting.

Of course, you can type in a family name and even a street name. It is interesting to note that there are pictures of houses. I tried several of our family addresses. I did not fall upon anything for my family, but it was still very interesting.

I could spend hours here browsing ...

This is a fun and simple link to pass the time on the internet.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Dear cousin Mary...

Yesterday will come down as one of my "red letter " days in genealogy.
And it started from a simple e-mail...

A lady named Rita in NJ , had seen my post on Edward P Carroll's obit.Maybe something in that obit caught her eye, becuase she did her own investigation. She of course, saw that Mary lived at Paramus,NJ at the time of Edward P carroll's passing.
Rita found Mary , and contacted her. And, she hit upon THE right person !
I give her a lot of credit for finding her . I myself have not even tried the White Pages !

Rita gave me all the address and phone info, which enabled me last night to telephone my cousin Mary.

We had a wonderful conversation. We were each curious to know about each other's families.
Mary is my cousin ( I have to establish the degree), and my grandfather's niece. Mary does remember her Uncle , John Bernard Carroll Sr, and to a lesser degree, my Grandmother. She also remembers seeing my Dad in photographs.

I'am sure that my fellow genealalogists will understand the feeling that one has when you hit upon a big discovery. When you find that document that you have been searching for since ages, or discover a missing person,date or place, it is an incredible feeling. It's like New Year's Eve and Christmas rolled up in one package !

You feel so darn good !

So, I'am going to end this post, and shut my PC. Because my cousin is not an internet fan, and prefers a good old fashioned snail mail.

Thank you again, Rita, if you happen to be reading this. I'am so grateful to you. Come back soon, to see the further developments in our Carroll genealogy research.

Have a nice day.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How to obtain copies of obits at the Free Library of Philadelphia

Here is some very handy information, for all of you with ancestors in Philadelphia. This information came after a query I did to message board.

It is possible to get obit look ups done at the Free Library of Philadelphia. All you have to do is the following :

Regular Mail:Send a written request with the person's name, date of death (month, day, year) or burial date and a stamped self-addressed envelope. We will only check two newspapers. The cost of photocopying from microfilm is 50 cents per page with a $1.00 minimum. Maximum of 2 obituaries can be requested at one time.
Send request to: Free Library of PhiladelphiaNewspapers & Microfilm Center1901 Vine StreetPhiladelphia PA 19103
Email: Send a written request with the person's name, date of death (month, day, year) or burial date. We will only check two newspapers. The cost of photocopying from microfilm is 50 cents per page with a $1.00 minimum. Maximum of 2 obituaries can be requested at one time.Send request to: erefNEWS (at)

I'am not sure if the Free Library also has Newspapers from other PA counties.
This research does not concern my Carroll family, but rather the Hansens, who is my paternal grandmother's family.
But, I know that when I will find the death dates of my ancestors, John Carroll and his wife Jennie McEntee, I can do the same for them.

Wish me luck , that we may find an obits for them.

Have a nice day and happy researching

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Carrolls in Fayette County PA

I would like to present a Carroll genealogy that is not a part of my family, but merits to be published. This is Mr. Jim Carroll Andrew's family line.His Carroll line is also from PA, but from Wharton Twp in Fayette County .

I met Jim after one of my recent posts on the Rootsweb Carroll message board.

Here is what he sent me :
I put in Bold face, Jim's line.

E-mail from Jim(James) Carroll Andrews on his Carroll line :

I have been looking for the family of Daniel Carroll for many years and this is what I have:

Born abt 1765 in Ireland, died after 1831 in Wharton Twp, Fayette Co, Pa.

Married Barbary (sp?) Cogswell Ross


Katherine, b 1893 in Wharton Twp, Fayette Co, Pa. MArried Nathaniel Hart
Daniel (Jr?), b 1798, buried, Industry, IL (my GGGrandfather).
Married Nancy Sampe
James, b 1800, Married Jane Scott
Joseph, b 1803, Married Nancy Scott
William, b 1810, Married Sarah Conaway
Mary, b 1810, Married Cyrus Gooden

Daniel & Nancy Sampe had:

Melvina, Married Granville H. Reynolds in Fayette Co, PA 1851
Daniel Morgan,
James Sampe,
William H.,
Mary Ann,

Granville Reynolds fought in the Civil War w/ the Illinois Volunteersand homesteaded near Indusrty, McDonough Co, IL where he is buried.Melvina died in Abingdon, Knox Co, IL where she is buried.I know this sounds like a lot of info (I have more if you areinterested) but would like to trace the family back to Ireland as wel las the spouses.Any information that relates to this family would be helpful and appreciated.Thanks in advance,

Jim (James) Carroll Andrews of Green Bay, WI. You can reach Jim at :
kayd4774( at)

Jim, I hope that this helps you. If anyone links up to Jim's family, or may have an information to help him, please contact him.

See you all soon .

Monday, July 9, 2007

Summer link love - 1

Locomotive in Strasburg, PA

Being an hobby genealogist, I readily admit to being overly obsessed with dates and places of the people in my family tree. Like most genealogists. This data is very essential, but sometimes , I overlook other aspects of my family research. One of these concerns the occupations of our ancestors.

The first link that I want to share with you all this summer concerns Railroading .

Both of my great-grandfathers worked on the Pennsylvania Railroad.

There was of course John Carroll, ( click on the link to read his chapter on this blog) and on my Paternal grandmother's side, her father Christian HANSEN.

I found an excellent link coming from the Library of Congress called Railroad Maps Collection. Maps are available for all States. I clicked on PA.

Here, the earliest map starts at 1829 and runs up to 1889 .

There are 2 maps of the Philadelphia Railroad system, and even one concerning Schuylkill County. These make great maps to download and to keep in one's personal collection. You can be sure that I will soon be doing some serious downloading this summer!
This is an interesting link for all people with Railroaders in their family tree.
I will be sharing other links in the coming weeks . These are mainly on Pennsylvania or Philadelphia related subjects. But also a few others that you may enjoy.

Happy Hunting and see you all soon.

Post Scriptum : My Schuylkill County genealogy specialist, Ms. Gibbons, should be doing my research in August . I will keep you all posted.