Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Obituary of John Bernard Carroll Sr.

The following documents come once again from my late aunt's collection. These are today kept by my cousin Kathy.

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Unlike the obit for his brother, Edward P Carroll ( the post that follows this one), there are no elements that are that I don't already know.John was a native of Philadelphia, PA, where he married my grandmother, Mary Agnes HANSEN.
Family legend has John and Mary being neighbors, in the South Philly neighborhood of Kensington.
John Bernard Sr. was a career Naval officier who in the 1930's, settled his family in San Diego.
Two children were born of their union; John Joseph ( a.k.a. John Bernard Jr. ), my Dad, who was still living in San Diego at this time, and a daughter, Virginia Rose .
Further information on John and Mary Carroll can be found in the chapter of this blog called John B Carroll Sr. and Mary Hansen ( click on the link) .

The following card is also from my cousin's collection. This is the card that was distributed the day of my grandfather's burial.

Don't neglect any type of clippings,articles and the like that your family may own.The more family members you ask, the more your chances increase to find interesting reminders of your family's past.

Happy hunting to all !

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