Sunday, May 27, 2007

Obituary of Edward P Carroll

This is a very valuable obit found among my late Aunt Virginia's photos & memorabilia.I thank my cousin Kathy in California,for showing us the entire collection last year during our visit to
Southern California.

Edward P Carroll was one of my grandfather's brothers.
I know from the 1900 U.S. Census ( Philadelphia ), that he was born in December 1892.If this was his correct year of birth, the obit would have been published around 1957.The obit also offers other clues that I had ignored.

Edward was married to Mary DE BOW. They had 2 sons, John and Edward Jr, and a Daughter, Mary ( Mrs. MALONEY ).If I understood the obit, it was Mary that lived in Paramus, NJ. It is in this city where the couple retired.
Edward 's occupational history is varied .These are enumerated on the obit. He was also President of the local Railroad union for several years.

I found a website named The Political graveyard, where my great-uncle is listed.This is a handy reference site for all interested in political leaders. It includes some basic biographical information.This is the actual reference :

Carroll, Edward P. — of Pennsylvania. Democrat. Candidate for U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania 3rd District, 1922, 1924. Presumed deceased. Burial location unknown.

If I manage to get cemetery information in the future, I will add the correct information to Edward's biography on this website.

t is interesting to note that despite Edward's Paramus, NJ residence, his funeral and burial took place in Philadelphia, PA.
It is mentioned that the service was at St. Helena's church at 5th & Godefry Avenues. .As for the cemetery,Our Lady of Grace, New Jersey.

I was very excited learning about this great-uncle that my father never talked about.
Obits are precious witnesses of people's lives. The older one's are sometimes well documented in family and biography data.

Take a look in old photo collections at home . If no existing obits are found at home, it will be necessary to do some research in a local library . Most librairies have Newspaper collections, often on Microfilm.
Wishing everyone lots of luck !

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Marguerite said...

Hi, my name is Marguerite, and Edward P. Carroll, Sr was my grandfather. My father is Edward P. Carroll, Jr. He is still alive at the age of 89 along with his older brother, John, and younger sister, Mary. I can be reached at I have forwarded your site to my dad who lives in the Philadelphia area. He has a family tree that he is working on.