Saturday, May 19, 2007

French Genealogy Congress

This does not concern my own genealogy, but it is not everyday that I have the pleasure to attend a genealogy event.
Friday, my husband Didier & I went to a big genealogy Congress which is sponsored by the Fédération Française de Généalogie or French Genealogy Federation. This national association is the mother association of almost all genealogy clubs in France .

Every 2 years, a Congress and Exposition takes place in a different host city.This time it took place in Tours, in Central France.

Here are a few pictures of the exposition that took place :

Le Vinci, the Congress and exposition hall in Tours, France .

Inside the Hall

My husband, Didier at the stand of one of his ancestral regions. The young man next to him is a genealogy club member.

Charming genealogists in regional attire .

There were stands from just about every French region, on three levels .

The stand of the host Genealogy club, the Centre Généalogique de Touraine.Didier, my husband, is affiliated with this club because his maternal roots are in the region.

Continued success to all in your research . I will be back to my own research concerning the Anthracite Country ,in Pennsylvania. Stay tuned !


Christophe becker said...

Une dizaine de petites vidéos sur le Congrès sont disponibles sur le blog de GeneaNet : !

barbara said...

Bonjour Christophe,
Merci de ta visite à mon blog. Désolée pour la langue de Shakespeare !

Je vais aller découvrir les vidéos et ton blog.Merci des renseignements.
Tu es le bienvenue ici pour voir l'expérience Américaine des recherches généalogiques.
J'ai recherché en France,en Italie et aux USA.J'ai le plus de facilité à travailler les archives Françaises. Je préfère :)

Au plaisir.

IslandGirl4Ever2 said...

Hi Barbara,
WOW!! This is fascinating.. I am also very interested in Geneology but not really knowledgeable about how to find out more about my fam.. I know the Mormon kept really good records... My folks are both from Phily, PA and my mom's was first generation and dad's family was in the US for much longer.... I have family lineage to Alsace, France.. I believe.. have to ask my dad some more... Great work though in what you've done so far!!