Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Changing research strategies

Hello genealogy friends,
Time has passed.... my genealogy has not advanced a bit !.

The situation is unchanged with the Schuylkill County churches that I wrote to.
If you are new to my blog, click on the word " Schuylkill County churches" to learn about all this.
I hate to have to call it quits with this research. I don't know how parishes are organised in PA, but, how difficult could it be to thumb through a register ?
If the churches still keep the old registers...
Can some one out there tell me how one conducts research in PA church parishes?

Of course, if anything comes in the mail, I will post the results here first !

Since I live in France, my research possibilities in North America are very limited.
I have already hired a Philadelphia based genealogist named Ken Milano. He helped me find when and where my great-grandfather Hansen died.
He is an excellent genealogist that I recommend if you have Philadelphia roots.

Otherwise, I came upon a paid website named British Origins
This website lets you browse the British Cenusus, starting in 1841 and going up to 1871.
For British research ,there is a 72 hour subscription ( perfect for me; I don't have anything else to search here) or a monthly subscription.
On the same page are Irish origins and Scottish origins also.

Our family has an English ancestor named Agnes Haines.
She was the mother of my great-grandmother, Jennie McEntee.
Agnes was born in England in 1830, and was the daughter of an English Dad and an Irish Mom.
If there is the slightest possibility that I could track down Agnes' place of birth and the names of her parents, I want to try !!

It's slow going when you live outside the country where you have your ancestors.
What a wonderful invention internet is for genealogists !

Please feedback me if you have anything to add to this post or if you just want to say Hello .

Take care and happy hunting.

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