Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Portrait gallery of Virginia Jefferds' family

Virginia Rose Carroll and her husband, Donald Francis Jefferds .

My cousins ; Bill, standing, and Kathy Jefferds .

From left; Kathy,Peggy,Patsy and Bill Jefferds .

From left; Patsy, Peggy and Kathy .

Virginia at work in an institution called " Angels unaware " .

Family portrait .

Family portrait taken in 2004 .

Bill and Virginia .

The following are photos of Virginia's grandchildren :

From left ; Angela Baggett, ,Chrystel Brinkman, daughter of Patsy and Jim Brinkman,Adam Brinkman and Tim Brinkman;
Angela is married to Eric, and Mom to Erica and Krissa.
Tim is married to Autumn, and father to Hunter and Ava .

From left; Hailie, Lisa, her Mom, and Jo, Lisa's Mom and Bill Jefferds' wife .

Tyler, son of Peggy and Patrick McLaughlin , with his girlfirend, Erica .

Mike Trenkle, Kathy's son. He is married to Vicki and a father to Brian and Jennifer .

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