Saturday, December 2, 2006

Portrait gallery of John and Virginia Carroll

Dedicated to my father, John, and his sister, Virginia.
You are always loved .
A photo of our Grandfather, John Bernard Carroll Sr. , with his young children, John ( in the sailor suit ), and Virginia. Undated photo .

An undated photo, with John and Virginia. John might be about 10 years old here.

An undated photo taken in San Diego; John, Virginia and our Grandmother, Mary.

Undated photo from the forties, taken in San Diego. With their beloved Cocker spaniel, Duke .

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One of the last photos taken of John and Virginia together. Taken in 1980, in John's house in Hawaii. On John's lap is Tim and on Virginia's lap is Adam.They are the sons of my cousin Patsy, and her husband, Jim Brinkman .

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