Thursday, December 7, 2006

John Carroll Jr. ( a.k.a John Bernard )

Name : John Joseph Carroll ( baptised with these first & middle names ).
a.k.a : John Bernard Carroll Jr.
Relation to blog author : Her father.
Relation to my Jefferds cousins: Their uncle; relation to their children; their great-uncle .

Sources used: Family Bible .
Certificate of baptism from Saint Boniface's Church in Philadelphia .

Occupation: U.S. Navy .

Location: Numerous, due to his father's career in the U.S. Navy. Himself, he had travelled in the Navy, especially through the Asia-Pacific zone .

Summary of important facts :

John was born in 1920 in Philadelphia. He was the son and eldest child of John Bernard Carroll Sr. and Mary Agnes Carroll ( born Hansen).
He was the brother of Virginia Rose Carroll .

See individual chapter on John and Mary Carroll .

After several major moves in the Continental U.S. and Hawaii, John and his family lived from the 1930's in San Diego, California. This is where John atttended the remaining of his schooling, graduating from St Augustine's High School. After some college, and odd jobs, John made the decision to enroll in the U.S. Navy. As it was for his father, this would become his career, from the 1940's, up to his retirement in 1970.

He called San Diego, CA home, up until 1963 or 1964, when he was stationed to Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.
Before having his own family, he saw his nephew and nieces grow up, and
" Uncle John " enjoyed being a part of their lives.

In 1958, he wed Kazuko Suzuki, whom he met during his tour of duty in Japan.

Out of this union, were born:

Barbara ( blog author)
DM ( Name withheld for privacy).

John passed on in 1999 , in his home in Hawaii .

For myself, the phrase that best describes him is ; " family first ". He loved his family above all. Despite some problems in his life, he always had time for us. It was important for him to know that we lacked nothing, and were happy and healthy.

We haven't forgotten you , Dad .

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Navy Blue said...

Browsing, I 'stumbled upon' this blog. I have 2 nieces and 2 nephews (3 are residing in Southern California, one residing in UK I think) whose father is named 'John Bernard Carroll, Jr.' born August 1941, son of a 'John Bernard Carroll.'
John was my brother-in-law (divorced from my half-sister about 1989 give or take a few years.) 'John Bernard Carroll Jr.' went by Johnny Carroll, enlisted in US Navy around 1962-1963. In 1964 Johnny married my half-sister; and 4 children came of the marriage. The second child was named by him, a girl, 'Jennie'.
Johnny's second marriage was during the 1980's, and then two children were born of that marriage. Johnny's navy enlistment took him to San Diego CA, Marysville CA, Tonapah NV, and Hawaii. Johnny's post-navy career, and his post-secondary education, have been in San Diego California. The last location I know of for Johnny and his family is in Lakeside CA 92040.