Friday, December 15, 2006

Happy Holidays !

Hello to all,

The holidays mark the point where everyone thinks about the new challenges for the coming year.
In 2007, I would like to finally " pinpoint " the dates of death of our ancestors, John Carroll and Jennie McEntee. I'am contacting a pro ; his name is Kenneth Milano. He does some excellent work in Philadelphia, and especially the area called Kensington. He helped me track our grandmother's Dad, Christian Hansen .

So, I hope that I will have some good news to share in 2007 concerning this reasearch .

If anyone is catching this blog for the first time , you can either scroll down( from our most recent family members), and click on to " older posts". Or take the blog in chronological order, starting in November.Included in the first posts, " Our Carroll ancestors" , which is a diagram of our " family tree ".

Don't miss the photo galleries, that I have included throughout the pages .

I welcome your feedback , and reactions. All Carrolls are welcome here, as well as all genealogy fans, and even the curious passerby !

I'am wishing you all a very Happy holiday Season, and a wonderful year 2007 .
Have a healthy & safe year , and lots of luck with your genealogies !


Barbara ( Carroll ) Joly


Anonymous said...

Hi, Barbara & Didier !
This is my first visit to this blog; I hadn't been able to access due to a bad address. Anyway, I must tell you what an awesome job you're doing with the family history and all the pics...There's one of Grossy that I'd never seen before!!! I have to keep this short but I'll be checking in frequently now. Christmas Eve is tomorrow and so the celebrations begin (I only wish we had snow :( ). It's always fun with the family over the holidays. We wish you were both here with us but will keep you in our thoughts.


barbara said...

Hi Kathy :)

Welcome to my genealogy blog !
I'am so happy you enjoyed it.
Come back often to catch the Carroll genealogy news.

With love,