Sunday, November 26, 2006

Portrait Gallery of John Bernard Carroll Sr.

The only known image of our grandfather as a child in Philadelphia. He is standing next to his little brother , Edward .
Undated photograph .

Back of the phtograph of our grandfather as a child. The handwriting is our Grandmother, Mary Agnes'. I think she may have addressed this photograph to my father years later, with her comments !

It is readable by clicking on the image.

Detail from a very old photograph. Our grandfather is a young sailor in the U.S. Navy. The V and the word that reads "Dad ", marks his spot . It looks like Grandfather hurt his arm, as it is in a sling .

Our Grandparents , John & Mary, with children , John Joseph (a.k.a. J B Jr) , & Virginia Rose.
Undated photo, taken sometime in the 1930's .

Our grandparents at their home in San Diego .

Grandfather Carroll , with his legendary humour, showing off the " catch of the day " !

Grandfather being congratulated by an unidentified officer.

Our very elegant Grandfather, dressed to go on the town .

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